Faylini dolls

Jan 17, 2019

    1. Hi! I open this thread because I didn't found anything from this doll here! Maybe... is she off topic?
      Anyway, I would like to know more about this dolls. Anyone can help me?

    2. To find out whether a doll is on-topic, it's a good idea to post your question in Ask the Moderators. :thumbup
    3. Thanks! I will!
    4. Faylini Ellie sculpt is made by Valeriia Reveha, it is YoSD size and she poses really well. I own one and absolutely love her.
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    5. Faylini Ellie sculpt, peach light and face up by @Pauli - Pauli Faceup Studio[​IMG]
      See my Faylini doll profile, her name is Ulyana.Ulyana
      [​IMG] Here she is with her boyfriend, Toshi, my very first BJD.
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