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FCS a good idea for a first doll or no?

Aug 13, 2010

    1. I recently moved to Japan and I'm about 1.5 hours away from Kyoto. I haven't really chosen any specific doll to be my first. I have a few ideas cut and paste from many different doll molds. Would a FCS from Volks be a good idea for my first doll or should I buy a pre-made doll to see how well I interact with them? It's kind of a vague question I know. If you need anymore general information from me to give an answer, feel free to ask.

      P.S. I LOVE IT HERE! Japan is just amazing. I've only been here one week and I wish I could stay forever. Maybe we can file for an extension after our 3 years are up.
    2. I think a FCS would be amazing for a first doll. Actually having such a hand in creating the doll would really help you love it, I'm sure! I would have love to do my first doll a FCS :D

      Plus, the doll would come with a faceup, nice wig, and nice eyes. A lot of basic dolls do not just have anything and faceup, eyes, and wig can cost extra.
    3. Hey, if you have the money and patience then I say: GO FOR IT! ^^ I wound up buying a standard because I couldn't stand waiting for my first doll to arrive. Please post pictures if you decide to go for it.... or whatever you decide to pick up. My next doll will be an FCS but I want to get all the bells and whistles so it may be a little time till I have all my money saved up.

      Glad you are having a great time! <3
    4. I agree it is a great idea! What better way to get exactly what you want. Plus, someone will be there to help you out with every step. I would think the only issue maybe if you do not speak Japanese very well or if the person who helps you does not speak english well. As long as that is no issue and you have the money, I say go for it!
    5. Does anyone know if there is someone at the Sato store who speaks a little english? I'm going to be taking survival Japanese but otherwise it might be awhile just so i can communicate what I want.
    6. When I was there at 2009, I did the welcoming ceremony. I emailed them ahead of time to make the reservation for the ceremony. They asked if I spoke Japanese (which I don't) and on that day they had an English speaker was present. I don't know if it was intentional or not but it was nice. Email Volks explaining that you want to do an FCS at Sato but do not speak Japanese yet. They might be able to accommodate you.
    7. Welcome to Japan! I've been here for almost 3 years, but I was excited like you my first week. Wish I could stay forever as well...so much to do.

      I think everyone is different towards getting their first doll...just like everyone is different when it comes to their whole doll collection (I'm vague, I know). I have yet to get my own doll, but I just know you'll get the feeling what doll is right for you when you see it (or create it). I think having part in creating the doll would make your more attached to it. So if you really want to and can do it- go for it!
    8. If you'd like, more power to you. But I think it's a risky idea if you don't already have a clear idea what you want. Double that if you are picky (I don't know if you are or not). Let me try to explain.

      (Disclaimer: I've done 2 FCS in person, 1 in LA and 1 in Sato via translator. Loved the process and the dolls.)

      If you go in with a vague concept, the Volks rep will try to help phrase it into actual parts, including the faceup. This is all well and good, but there will be a language barrier no matter what you do. If leave your concept vague, the rep and the artist will "play it safe" and give you something that is likely to be pretty generic. This can smack you pretty hard if you're not expecting it, not to mention that it will seem somewhat "wasted" if you didn't more strongly customize. Also, choices that seemed decent in isolation may sometimes combine more poorly than you thought. Just the nature of the beast.

      What will you do if the FCS is finished and it doesn't take your breath away? It is not cheap and I don't want you to feel that you wasted your money.

      I'm just playing devil's advocate here since everyone is all full speed ahead. I personally don't "design" dolls very well so my firsts I left to the professionals (i.e. bought preconstructed fullsets).
    9. Hey I am excited for you! i have waited for year thinking what kind of doll I wanted, or even if I wanted a doll at all. A Volks FCS doll just seemed so unattainable. When my husband told me i should get one I knew I wanted it to be special. That's why my first doll will also be a FCS. I think just really do your research ahead of time and know what you want so that there is no confusion when you get there. Oh, and I think bringing in pictures of the type of makeup you want will be helpful I am sure! Just be careful, as I read that bringing in other company's dolls or photographs of other company's dolls to a Volks store is considered rude .:sweat
    10. Yes, it is considered rude. I wouldn't do it.
    11. Wow so many awesome answers. I'm cooking supper right now but I couldn't go without replying. Thank you so much. They offer survival Japanese here for starters and then they offer courses on learning Japanese for 500 yen a term. I'm hoping it will help me communicate better. As for other companies products, ya I probably wouldn't do that. I love Volks and what they offer. There are others out there, but I have talked to Reshana time and again about which doll I should get. It's like when you go to the eye doctor. She'll show me pics "This one or this one" ok "that one or this one" and I almost always choose a Volks.
    12. So the rumor mill is I could possibly email the Sato store and find out if they have an english speaking employee. If they do, find out if they work on such and such day and just show up that day?
    13. In a way, my first doll was a FCS doll. The first doll I ordered was an MSD F-18 girl, then a few days after that I bought an MSD Toppi off the second-hand market that arrived three days later. So a FCS was the first I ordered, but my 'second' doll got here first. :lol:

      But I agree very much with gaiaswill, if you do plan to do it, make sure to either know exactly what you want (with refs, if at all possible, you have no idea how much they help). Or are willing to accept a degree of difference from what you originally planned for the face-up, because Volks does tend to do a very generic type of face-up if the lines are a bit blurred as to what you are wanting.

      Personally though, FCS was the best choice for me. :fangirl: I'd spent months planning exactly how I wanted her to look and spent a lot of time collecting ref pictures. (At times I felt silly going like 'Oooh, I wonder if Volks can do eyelashes angled like this?', or 'This shape of lips with that color shade will be perfect!'). My little F-18 turned out just perfectly and was really the dream doll I'd wanted. I wish I could order all my dolls through FCS, but alas, there is no YoSD option. ;)

      There really are a lot of small elements to take into consideration before ordering. Such as if you like blushing on the chin/forehead/near the ears/on the inner eyes, if you like gloss on the eyelids or lips, long lashes or short, angled this way or that way, eyeshadow or no, eyelids lined or not. The list goes on and on. Be sure to think about all those little details if you don't want to end up with some things you really don't like. :aheartbea
    14. chilali: I think FCS as a first doll is a great idea if you have concrete ideas about how your doll should look. If you don't have a good idea I've seen a few people disappointed with their FCS dolls. If you have a specific original character or an existing character to reference you most likely will get good results.

      I'm a bit of a FCS adddict myself and so far Volks has managed to exceed my expectations on the FCS dolls I have ordered. I ordered 3 in person and 2 by proxy. In all the cases I have to say I spent at least a month in some cases more. It really helps to do a lot of research, bring notes and reference photos because if you don't specify Volks errs on the side of caution. If you don't ask it won't be part of the doll for example all over blushing and shading of the eyes are often overlooked.

      Two good references are angelden

      and I posted some FCs custom faceup planning tips
    15. Hi, on telly with Reshana at the moment but I just wanted to post a thank you to your replies. The angelden link I already have and I'll be picking apart your FCS custom face up tips. Thanks again.
    16. I personally would go for it but be sure to know EXACTLY what you want. Whatever you do, don't go in with a vague idea and then just wing it, I promise you will be disappointed if you do!
    17. I got my first dollie by FCS. I think it was worth the wait, and I absolutely enjoy her!
      But the problem is.. will they speak good enough English?
      Good luck. :)
    18. If there is an FCS sculpt you really want, then I think it can be a great choice for a first doll.

      I think the best thing to remember when it comes to Volks faceups is that faceups are not permanent. You do not have to have the perfect faceup on the first try. So if the Volks one isn't 100% what you want, there is nothing stopping you from changing it. A lot of people seem to get hung up on FCS dolls having to be perfect right out of the box and never altering them, and that just seems strange to me. Every faceup artist is going to have different ideas and interpretations on what you tell them even without a language barrier. For both of the FCS orders I placed, I gave reference pictures. The first, and in my opinion the best faceup I've ever seen Volks do, simply had the instructions "Make him look like Cloud" with a picture of said character. I figured why not try and see if they get it, and if not, I had planned to simply wipe him and send him to a customizer. Turns out they blew me away with how amazing he turned out. I think people often put their expectations way too high for FCS faceups.