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FCS MSD available at Domuya.net!

Aug 16, 2004

    1. Nooo...there goes my savings...! :oops:

      Look at the hands! And the fairy ears! Eeee! I wish they'd let you order a range of fairy ears. I'd order them all. Hee! Bear ears? :chibi The Robot2 ears crack me up and I love the graceful elf ears. The 'piggy ears' look elfish to me as well...and they are concave near the post so that they will fit more closely to the head!
    2. MSD: they have photos of most of the heads, ALL the bodies, all the ears, and all the hands! woot woot!

      I'm so tempted even though I know I'm going to japan later this year...

      I could have my sweet BW mika back... O_O..
    3. Hm...are there heads missing? Off the top of my head I don't remember all the new ones but I don't seem to see the 'mini Anais'. I can't recall what her number was. :oops:
    4. Dangit, looks like my question in the General Discussion area got moved/deleted. :(

      To reiterate:

      I'm still breathless with excitement over the bear/monkey ears and the piggie/elf ears, as well as the robot ears and, well, everything! I believe the MSD FCS Tenshi no Sato exclusive heads are missing. According to the Japanese SD registry site, they are:

      #5 head (Yuni-like, closed mouth)
      #6 head (new, Anais-like head)
      #7 head (Yuni-like, open mouth head)
      #8 head (new, no description)

      Has anybody ordered MSD FCS from Volks? I hope Domuya's pricing is relatively close to the Volks pricing... My friends in Japan are not willing to put in an order for me, and I'm not sure I can wait until I next go to Japan to order one.
    5. twotone- sorry about deleting your thread, :( I thought it was better off here, but maybe I was alittle too quick to move it :oops: I hope you don't mind!

      thanks for the info on the head names! that's really helpful! I'm going to try to update the MSD FCS page later today!

      I agree the ears are all so super super cute! I think I like the bat ears the best... a little hewitt-like dragonboy! how cute would that be? O_o...

      anais-msd- she's tenshi no sato only unfortunately!

      For some reason I think Volks has made rules that Domuya can't put the tenshi no sato exclusives up. (so no pics of new FCS SD/SD13 on their site, and no pics of the tenshi no sato exclusive fcs msd heads)
      basically, all head except F6-F8 and F10, no pureskin sunlight skin tone

      I have a lot of the info here:

      but I need to update it with some of the new heads, and photos of the bodies and hands, etc. (and I also need to annotate which are Tenshi No Sato exclusives, and which are in all FCS locations now.) when it comes to MSD that is...

      But Domuya said in their thread that they WILL take Tenshi No Sato orders now! This is a huge step!
      that means that if you know w hat you want (for example, if you want the mini anais MSD, and you know what skin color you want, and what hands, etc...) then you can email them privately and they will place an order with Tenshi No Sato for you.

      Tenshi NO sato takes longer than the normal FCS though, but not that much longer. Right now it's the only way to get the NEW SD/SD13, and it's the only way to get a suntan MSD, or to get any of the exclusive MSD heads.
    6. i think that they didn't have updated the F05, F06 and F07 heads yet, i didn't saw them at their web ^^'''

      i'm a lil'upset that they don't have F10 ;.; i really want to know how he/she looks like +_+

      i wish i had money for a msd fcs +_+ mario juzt keeping following meh =_=
    7. OH, I know Hyla ordered from volks when she visited Tenshi No Sato. I'm not sure what the price was though. I imagine that Domuya will have to mark up the price some to cover their cost and profit margin since they don't sell SD at market price.
      the prices they listed do cover shipping though so that's cool.
    8. If one walks into Tenshi no Sato to order FCS is it possible to request that they ship the doll once it's finished? I plan on being in Kyoto next April and if they are willing to do this the trip has suddenly become even more interesting (and expensive)! :D
    9. oh good gawd! XD
      Just another reason why I need more moneh. ooohhhhh, I sooo want a FCS...but I'm stuck between the bat wings or the skinny elf ears.. =3 ..sooo tempting....
    10. *repeats to self*

      I do not want a sunlight-skin MSD f13 boy with batwing ears, I do not want a sunlight-skin MSD f13 boy with batwing ears...

      This is wonderful news. I'm really happy that these services are being made avaliable to us - it seems to be getting easier and easier to find the doll of your dreams. I'm especially excited about the different hand and ear choices.
    11. Ah, too bad its FCS instead of optional parts. I'd love to have a suntan boy, but I'd have to save up for another year after I get Zen in April, or buy a few parts at a time! The optional ears are adorable! I would love to see what the robot ears look like on a doll!
    12. Interesting! So the three body types are boy, girl and "faerie". Is this kind of like the androgynous angel body, or something else? It is a bit hard to tell by the photo, but I'm pretty sure there isn't a larger busted option like we had originally thought.

      The new hand types are SO cute!! I'll have a hard time deciding what to get if I do end up doing MSD FCS in the future.
    13. The 'fairy' type seems more slender than the regular girl body. The fairy type also seems to have a flatter chest than the...um... 'budding?' appearance of the regular girl body.

      Maybe there is a Tenshi no Sato exclusive body as well...the more 'grown up' looking body that was rumored. Just a hope. ^-^
    14. unfortunately... according to what I've been told by a few people (this could be wrong) you have to have FCS doll sent to Japan (or maybe picked up in japan, I'm not sure.)

      Hyla had a friend ship it to her when her doll was ready. :\...

      heh, if a couple of us planned trips at the right time we could get dolls for each other, huh? (ie one pick up for someone else...)

      I think Hyla said that Celga might be able to offer this as a service (pick up your doll for you)

      I mean, personally, I really want to go to Japan myself and place the order myself for at least one doll. It just seems like such a dream come true. So then the issue is yes, how do I then get the doll once it's done? and when sometimes some dolls take longer? (it's always slightly different length for some FCS and not for others?)

      so how could you or a friend then plan a trip to be able to pick up the doll? *_*
    15. What would be ideal would be to somehow order the doll ahead of time and plan the trip to arrive when it's ready to be picked up. Then you could do the whole ceremony and wouldn't that be something! ^-^
    16. hrm, maybe you're right...! the ceremony itself would be more fun than the actual ordering..!
    17. Aimee! Augh! I didn't need to see those! *COVET* :D

      That is just too darn cute. OMG.
      Minakawa sez, "You know what they say about elves with long ears!" :oops:

      Well now. I'm even more tempted by the new MSD FCS!
    18. Oh, that's not fair... :cry:

      *amends wishlist to a sunlight MSD f13 boy with long legs and ELF ears*

      Thank you for posting the links... I think! :wink: