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FCS question

Oct 8, 2007

    1. is the wig style W-99N still available on FCS?
    2. i see.. thanks :D
    3. Out of curiousity, which style is 99? I can't find it anywhere on the website or in my catalogue. ^^ One of the event-limited styles, maybe?
    4. i found it here: http://denofangels.com/sdwigs.html
      it is the MSD version of Captain Cecile's wig. :)

    5. If my memory is not wrong, Captain Cecile type wigs (for SD and MSD) were sold as exclusive items for "TV Kyoto Channel". It's not a wig for FCS, even at Sato.

      If you want to get one, I'm sorry the ways are auction or secondhand. The market price of this type is not low, a little expensive. Good luck!
    6. thanks for your useful info!! :D
    7. (double post)
    8. Oh! The Captain Cecile wig. ^_^ I think the info on that website is slightly inaccurate...it was only made in two colours for MSD size, 613 (ivory) and 2 (natural). It was released once, a few years ago (2003 or 2004?)

      I do see it on Y!JA now and then...it tends to sell for anything from 6000yen and upwards.
    9. no wonder:sweat Thanks for answering!:lol: