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Fdoll vs Resinsoul

Aug 14, 2011

    1. About a year ago, I ordered a white-skin MSD Jun from Resinsoul on the double-jointed male body (Wu's). I haven't been very pleased with the posing of the Resinsoul, so I was thinking about replacing it with an Fdoll body.

      How's the posing on Fdoll bodies compared to Resinsoul? Also, is the Fdoll "pure white" skin as paper white as Resinsoul's?

      Any information is much appreciated ^^
    2. Bump for help, please? :(
    3. I don't have an MSD F-doll, but I do have an SD Fantasy Doll Nina. She is a lovely doll- poses really well, very nice quality resin, etc. I think F-doll is a very underrated doll company.
      Comparing Resinsoul to F-doll is like apples to oranges. They are very, very different. Resinsoul and Bobobie dolls tend to be floppier but if you can get used to that floppiness it is very nice in that they can get into very relaxed, natural-looking positions that regular BJDs can't. It also really helps to restring and hot glue suede them.
      F-dolls are more like traditional BJDs and at least the SD size pose very well.

      You might email Lindsay at Mint on Card and ask her about the color match between the two resin companies.
      Good luck!
    4. Thank you very much for the information :)

      Yea, I did restring my RS, which kept him from completely collapsing. But he still doesn't hold poses very well :/

      I'll have to get a hold of her ^^