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FDQ Exclusive Olivia Outfit LE50

Jan 3, 2007

    1. Someone posted on a doll board that I frequent. I had to check it out immediately and then ordered it for my Olivia. Be careful when ordering, as they have several options based on where you live, as to the charges for shipping & handling.

    2. The link doesn't show any outfits for me, only Olivia doll sold out. Any other link to go to, please?
    3. The link goes right to the FDQ exclusives page, with a huge graphic of the Olivia LE set right on the front page.

      Click the Olivia graphic. Once you click it, it will take you to a menu of links. The Olivia outfit is towards the bottom.
    4. Thanks for the info. I was able to order an outfit. Any news of when the other outfits will be released? or the Wigs?
      Thanks StJohn
    5. I just purchased the outfit too:D Does anyone know how FDQ usually Ships things out? USPS I am hoping:D
    6. I got a limited outfit too as well. Does anyone know when they are going to ship out the outfit?
    7. Does anyone have any information on the Dolpa 2 they mention in NYC?
    8. Sorry everyone, I thought some one else posted this info here a few days ago since I've been swamped.
      FDQ Magazine

      - - - -

      Our exclusive Olivia outfit is up on our site:
      Orders are already coming in, so make sure you order now before all 50 are gone!
      Outfit includes weskit, "leather" pants, boa, belt, jewerly, lace-up boots,
      black bra and panty.
      $130 plus $7 shipping US. International shipping, $20.00.

      Happy New Year everyone!
      Pat Henry

      PS- There will be another NYC Dolpa this summer for TWO DAYS! More info to come!

      - - - - -

      Found a pic of the outfit from the NY Tea: if you're having problems getting to the FDQ site.

      And as of Jan 5th - there under a dozen left.
      FDQ has the outfits in stock and will begin shipping them next week.
    9. The outfits were all shipped yesterday (the 10th) from FDQ's New York office via UPS unless you specified otherwise (or have a P.O. box or go International - then it will arrive via the Post Office/Int'l mail).
      I picked mine up this afternoon and hope to post pics later ...
      FDQ Magazine