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FDQ presents LE Volks New York Style SD16 Ami Ayase

Jan 1, 2011

    1. I know that the previous FDQ exclusives were released in fairly small editions. I have a feeling she's probably going to sell out very quickly.
    2. The ad states that the ensemble can be bought separately. Any more information on that?
    3. I think Pat's still waiting for the final price on that from Volks. Watch the FDQ site for details!
    4. Just peeking in the 'Please Read Before Purchase' section under the first link:

      "We have a limited quantity of the outfits available separately. Please check the site again next week for final retail price on the separate costume."

      Dolls first, outfits second, it looks like! With as many pieces as the outfit looks to have, I know both my SD16 girls will be wanting it.
    5. News Announcement Here

      Fashion Doll Quarterly's Rising Sun issue is shipping on January 10. There's a very special girl on the cover. Volks and FDQ have collaborated on a new LE exclusive for FDQ subscribers! Cover Girl New York Style Ami Ayase is now available for pre-orders! And for those who order before January 10, Ami is available at a special discounted price!

      Full details and a link for ordering New York Style Ami Ayase can be found here!


      If you aren't already a subscriber, you can subscribe on the Fashion Doll Quarterly site here:

    6. OK! I subscribed and then ordered! I hope it goes through! ^^
    7. I pretty much like the outfit. The Ami Ayase mold is not one that I'm much interested in, but I hope that FDQ updates the site with close-up photos of her faceup. I do like what I see from a distance.
    8. Well, I'm a little confused. Pls Help me~~
      Can only subscribers buy Ami? Or can Anybody buy her in regular price?
      She's very gorgeous~@ @
    9. I love the faceup on Ami - I can't wait to see more pictures of her! It was such a great price for a SD16 girl that I jumped on it right away. She looks adorable! I wonder how big the edition is - I'm thinking either 25 or 50.
    10. You have to be a suscriber, bloodycrow. But subscriptions aren't very expensive, and it's a great magazine. If your going to buy her, I would do it quickly - usually these editions sell out quickly.
    11. Thanks for kind explanation^^!
      But What's difference between regular price and Subscriber's only discounted price?
      I thought that means non-describers could buy her.

      And how about FDQ?
      I've been interested this magazine, but I 've never tried to reading it. Actually I haven't had a chance to meet FDQ.
      Does it have useful information for BJD?
    12. Omg! Ami is the only volks sd16 I was interested in as a gal! And it includes free shipping! I'm so tempted! But my wallet is virtually empty after 2 Williams and Daria. Anyone going for ami here? Btw, FDQ mag looks interesting! Do they only feature bjd or all sorts of dolls? Hw many pages does one issue has?
    13. Daniel Falls - we're expecting to have a final price from Volks early this week. Having seen the outfit in person, I have to tell you, it's amazing. Be patient a couple more days and keep watching the FDQ site. I'll make sure to post more details on the Ami news thread as soon as I have them, as well.

      Bloodycrow and Jo77 - you do need to be a subscriber to get Ami, but the subscription is only $36, which is a bargain for such a great magazine. We cover BJDs as well as all kinds of other fashion dolls. Each issue is a high quality, full color magazine of over 100 pages of editorial coverage with fantastic photograpy and great articles.

      Justkatie179 - Thanks for the compliments on the magazine! We work very hard to create a quality magazine, so your praise is gratefully received! The Rising Sun issue will be shipping in just a few days and there's detailed coverage of the new Ami with lots of photos. The doll is absolutely stunning in person. She's just a little edgier than the first Ami, but with the same cute sweetness. And the wig and outfit are to die for! Congratulations on snagging one.

      I can't confirm the edition number for this gal, but it's quite small and she is going to sell out quickly.
    14. Fashion Doll Quarterly covers a very wide variety of fashion dolls but also has BJD coverage and has co-hosted New York Dolpa with Volks (with their own exclusive dolls for the event) four years now. The new Rising Sun issue is pretty BJD heavy, I think, and I actually like looking through the fashion doll stuff just to see what other people are collecting (also I got charmed into buying a Misaki at last year's Grant A Wish convention, but that's beside the point ^_^;; ).

      The magazine comes out quarterly and just peeking at the Winter 2010 issue I have here, it was 113 pages. The subscription's worth it even if all you wanted was an opportunity at exclusives, but read through it, too! You might find a new angle on your hobby.
    15. NY Ami is amazing and she's going to go really fast, I'm sure. I just love her outfit and funky wig.
    16. Oooh! What a gorgeous version of her. Ami, Pearl and now Daria have been my fav of the SD16 girls (other than my own hybrid ;)) but I much prefer this vision of Ami to her other release. So glad this is not a doll I've been pining for because there are no downsides to buying her. Love her whole look, outfit is great! Kudos to FDQ! :chocoberry
    17. Cpu;d we have more close up pictures of the doll?
    18. Right now I don't have those images, but there are going to be lots of them in the upcoming issue. As soon as I have access to some, I'll be sure to post them!
    19. Woo hoo! Can't wait to see more images. I've been loving the edgy look Ami has, I can't wait to see more of her.
    20. I can't press the order. It's sold out????