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Featherfall Contest Winners Announced!

Jan 1, 2008

    1. Our dear finalists,

      Here are the winners.
      1st Place - Alison Strom
      2nd Place - Gigil Estacio
      3rd Place (Tie) - Adele Sessler
      3rd Place (Tie) - Kat Teel

      To the rest of a our finalists, thank you for your wonderful work. We will be contacting many of you over the next couple of weeks about potentially producing your outfits.

      Winner's gallery click here ~ http://www.featherfall.ca/contest/final.html

      There were many gorgeous designs - some ended up higher than others simply because they stuck closer to the theme - Time Travelling. Featherfall and our panel of judges would like to thank all the entrants - everyone that sent in a design will have a 10% discount for Featherfall* - we will email you the codes over the next week.

      * Usable for ONE order, during 2008.

      Discussion thread here:

    2. All winners and participants have been notified. We will begin releasing the outfits in Featherfall in Feb. 2008