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Featherfall Easter Egg Hunt!

Apr 13, 2009

      As a fun little thank you to our customers, we've just launched our surprise Easter Egg Hunt.
      Somewhere in the products we carry 5 Easter eggs are hiding. :) If you're one of the first five people to find them all ( and send us links or the names of the products you found them on, you'll get a $20 gift certificate from Featherfall. Winners will be announced tomorrow, Monday, when we're back at the office, so happy hunting!

      PS -
      There is one extra hidden egg too. Whoever finds that last one will also get an additional surprise.

      PPS- Featherfall is up at Twitter now!
    2. Where do we send the links?
    3. I'm stuck at 4. =/ Not sure if the 6th one is suppose to be the same?
    4. This event is finished. the eggs have been removed.