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Featherfall Items re-stock and new items! Petdolls, Yo-SD

Dec 11, 2007


      * People ordering a full Finn doll from now until Jan 1st will be entered in a draw for a pair of goggles/pilot hat.
      * People ordering a Finn HArvest Moon Fullset from now until Jan 1st will be entered in a draw for a Broken Time Watch.
      * Order of $50 + in clothes or accessories will include a Finn Mini poster.

      New items and re-stock:

      Featherfall has now restocked on Pilot Goggles and Hats. (January arrival, as we'll be on holidays in the last week of december). A note that the new MSD hats seem better fitted to the larger headed MSDs.


      [​IMG] and more!

      New clothing lines will be unveiled on January 1st.

      New items for YO-SD and petdolls - now carrying GuessDoll. PLease see next post!
    2. Could I ask what doll is modelling the clothes?? He's great^^
    3. Its a Volks Toppi actually a girl but dressed boyish. All her dolls have the same makeup style very edgy.