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Featherfall - Now carrying Dollheart and Dollfactory !

Jan 26, 2008

    1. Its with a happy heart that we announce Featherfall is now DollHeart's retailer in Canada! :)


      We will be placing our first preorder with them in early February, and over the next few days put up on the site many of their outfits. Make sure you contact customer service if there's specific outfits you'd like to request we bring in, or pre-order. We're ecstatic to be part of the DollHeart family, and hope you are too!
    2. (Posting on behalf of Uneide and Featherfall at her request):

      We're very happy to add DOLLFACTORY to our BJD line up.
      We had been in talks for a while, a finally have worked out the details, so
      we're introducing here their lovely petdolls and tinies, the Baby Ari and
      Pet Ari.
      Our first preorder with them will go this week - so its a good chance to
      work on board and snatch these little cuties.



      For now until supplies last, we're having a fun promotion for all your
      would- be pilots!
      Any purchases of Another Space Goggles or Pilot caps from our stock will
      come with their own Pilot wings too!:


      Yes, they are cumulative - if you buy a hat AND goggles, you get 2!
      While supplies last!
    3. Once more with feeling~

      Spring Lines launch - at the Hina Matsuri on March 1st. First peek at the Spring Fashion before they're even on the site - including 2 of the outfits from the Fashion Contest, and new goodies from Guessdoll. Our Dollfactory cuties will be in, so feel free to snag one right there and then!

      As Uneide said before (and I as a new Featherfall minion) please RSVP either by PM to me (not Uneide) or email customerservice@featherfall.ca!

      Thanks again and Featherfall hopes to see all of you there!