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Update Featherfall now carrying Fairyland and Elfdoll

Feb 2, 2009

    1. I noticed that the LittleFee stats all say they come with the girl body. Is this accurate? Or can they be ordered with the boy body?
    2. I'm pretty sure they come the same way FL sells them. I would check with Featherfall's customer service dept though.
    3. Puki are pretty much asexual bodies so you can make them boys or girls as you like.
    4. Puki and LittleFee are different, though, and LittleFee bodies DO have a definite gender.

      It looks like they may have just used the same description on all of them, since they don't all come with #1 hands either; Piki, Pipi, Shiwoo, and I think Pukisha should all be male bodies with different hands. Ante and Flora are the girls.
    5. HI guys -
      I'm not on DoA except for the random announcement now and then, so its faster to just check via the Featherfall CS. ;)
      Puki are pretty much asexual really; minifee and little fee all have genders and they -should- all be listed correctly now. So many products! :) Do let us know if you spot any other typos or need any other information.