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Featherfall's FUKUBUKURO (Grab bags!) (Update 03/11)

Mar 10, 2008

    1. FUKUBUKURO - A Japanese New Year's tradition. Essentially a grab bag, so out with the old, in with the new

      Purchase $25, get $50 worth of products or purchase $50, get $100 worth of product- random clothing, shoes, wigs and accessories. (Dolls not included in this promotion)

      Please choose a size and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

      Edit: We've now added another type of fukubukuro - for DZ petdoll size / lati yellow size, but there's only a handful available.


    2. Can we also specify boy/girl?
    3. Hi Izarra-
      You can put it in the comments section when you place your order, but mostly we will be going by size primarily.
    4. To answer a question we'd had emailed quite a few times now - ;) We didn't set a time period for the fukubukuro because its only while supplies last.
    5. By popular demand ( and because we had some in stock), we've also added a petdoll/ lati yellow size (please see first post for all info)
    6. Do these include all types of clothes? For example, if I wanted a Yo set, would it include both DZ clothes and Guessdoll clothes?

    7. Depending on the value. ;) But yes, its not just for Featherfall clothes but anything we've had in stock for a long while, from various of our suppliers for clothes, shoes, wigs, etc.