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Feb issue of Haute Doll is out! (discussion thread)

Dec 9, 2006

    1. Eeee! I thought that was you. >w< I was like "Hey...I wonder if that's MY Aimee!" Even though, you are totally not mine. XD You know what I mean.

      *bweeeee* I can't wait to read it. You are totally the goddess of all modding. *twines around ankles*
    2. i got my issue on monday. it looks good but i haven't had time to sit down and read it yet
    3. Aaargh! *grabby hands* Wants it! But it takes so bloody long for it to get here! More than 3 weeks! Wants it now!!! *whimpers*
    4. *shakes fist at Australia*
      I need a subscription XD I can't wait to read it now <3
    5. Heh. Didn't realise there were two Aimees here :)

      - Liz
    6. HD also sell individual copies on eBay, including back issues (I'm still waiting for the December issue I bought there to arrive)

      - Liz
    7. yes! Wondertwins powers unite! er... wait...
    8. Hah, I've been getting this magazine for months, and I love it. The loli-kimono's got me all excited, we'll see if it actually turns out the way it's supposed to.

      I also never realized what a hottie orientdoll tae is.
    9. The trunks by Rob Ferguson are lovely. I'd buy one if I didn't have one already.
    10. Has anyone tried making the kimono yet? I spent a couple of hours on one last night, only to find out after I was done that the pieces were mislabeled. I'm also not sure if there's a seam allowance included in the pieces, as I couldn't find the info anywhere. If anyone has successfully made one, can you offer any advice before I sit down to try it again?
    11. I've cut out the pieces for the MSD kimono, but haven't started sewing yet. Which bits are mislabled? :?
    12. The ones that are labeled as MSD seem to be the SD pieces and vice versa. When I was cutting out the pattern, I thought it was a little odd that the MSD pieces all looked larger than the SD ones, but since I don't have an MSD, I assumed it was because the bodies have different proportions.

      But after I finished my kimono, it was much too small for my Shall, but fit rather well on a 16 inch doll I have. I used very tiny seams, so I don't think it was an issue of that making it too small.

      Also, on the piece that's labeled for the SD skirt, it doesn't say that you are supposed to lay the short flat side on the fold, but you need to.
    13. :doh ARGH! Thank you. I'll...I'll make the seams really big.
    14. I really should get a subscription of Haute Doll.
    15. Hmm... I ithought I had asked my Incredibly Dumb Question of the Day already, but since that was in a PM it probably doesn't count.

      So here goes:

      How does one get ahold of this magazine? I'm seriously interested...
    16. I buy mine at Books a Million, but I'm sure other bookstores carry it. Or you can order it thru their website.
    17. i get mine through subscription but its available on

      or you can get it locally if you have a barnes and noble in the area or other place that sells speciality magazines.
    18. ooh, I sure am glad I read this! I was going to make one last night, but went to sleep instead! :doh Thanks for the heads up!
    19. Hi, I'm the one who created the Kimono-lolita patterns.

      I just got my Haute Doll and I looked at the pattern pieces and the SD pattern pieces have been re-sized! o_O No wonder they don't fit!

      Unfortunately they didn't include the inch marker I put on the pattern pieces so I have no way of knowing how much they shrunk them down by.

      I'm going to email the editor of Haute Doll and see if I can post the original patterns (with the inch marker) for y'all to download.

      I'm really sorry about the total snafu; I'll see if I can't get it sorted out!