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February DollHeart pre-order at Angels Cave: closed! Update

Feb 14, 2009

    1. UPDATE:

      Just to let everyone know, the February items are now on the way to the office as I type! They should be with us within a week or so and well be shipped out soon after.
      For everyone who payed for tracking you will get a number and everyone will get a shipping notice as well.
      If anyone needs to change the shiping address, please let us know as soon as you can!

      The new DollHeart pre-order is now up and ready for everyone at Angels Cave. :)

      We are taking orders untill the 26th of Feb (midnight UK time)

      Please note!!!

      We have now changed the website layout and new system, if you have any old bookmarks you will need to change them. You can get to everything through the main page at: www.angels-cave.co.uk.
      The pre-orders are in the shop under doll items and the pre order page is the top button.

      If anyone has any problems/questions please let me know!! :chocoberry
    2. Thank you aceinit.
      You can find it by going to Shop > Doll items > pre-orders.
    3. Three more days left on this pre-order, if you wish to order anything please get the email in soon! ^_^

      Just to note, any orders not payed for by the closing date will be deleted and not put through.
    4. Will any of the outfits be available for regular sale after the pre order?
    5. I would like to say yes, but there is no guarantee that they will be. Dollheart only make a set amount of outfits each time and if they all get sold during the pre-order they don’t make any more.
      They do seem to be making more lately and so far I haven’t seen an outfit not go up, so on average they should be up in a few months time.
    6. The deadline for ordering is tonight, midnight UK time.
      Please get all orders and payments in by this time.

      Thank you for all your orders as well, and keep an eye out for the next one ^_~
    7. A quick update in the first post.
      Thank you!