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February Issue of Dollicieux

Feb 13, 2006

    1. Hi all!

      I wanted to announce that the February issue of Dollicieux is up! We have our first male cover model, Kiyakotari’s Hound Umbrae. She shared a chapter from Umbrae’s life with us that is fabulous! In the fashion file we have the fashions of Mo-Designz by Monique (Dutchgirl on DoA). The artist of the month is Bev of Ragnarok and she shares a wonderful tutorial on blushing. We have the second part in the series Dolls with Souls. And finally, we have Ashbet/Andi’s lovely BJD creation Mau featured.


      We hope you enjoy the issue!

    2. Yep, we're having the judging this month and winners will be announced in the March issue... I think I mentioned it in my letter from the editor... I least I think I did **goes to check**