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Feddback for agehana

Jun 5, 2010

    1. Please leave feedback! Thanks!

      As a Buyer/Seller

      Item sold/bought:
      Payment on time:
      Shipping on time:
      Email/response on time:
      Me as a seller/buyer:
      Other Comments:
    2. Item sold/bought: Agehana was in my Dollmore GO ;)
      Payment on time: She payed everything in great time!
      Email/response on time: Great communication
      Me as a seller/buyer: I would love to work with Agehana again!
      Other Comments:Thumbs up! :D
    3. tem sold/bought: Agehana participated in my Soom GO
      Payment on time: Payment was always made on time.
      Email/response on time: Agehana was very communicative and kind through communications.
      Me as a seller/buyer: I would definitely recommend Agehana as a GO participant.
      Other Comments:
      While running this GO, there was a family emergency which delayed the process a bit than I wanted to.
      Agehana was very understanding of the situation and was very kind.
      I would definitely recommend her to others and welcome her with open arms if she decides to join any of my future GOs.
    4. Item sold/bought: I sold Soom Beyla OE head to agehana
      Payment on time: Prompt payment.
      Shipping on time: N/A
      Email/response on time: Great and quick communication!
      Me as a seller/buyer: Wonderful person to communicate with :-)
      Other Comments: I had an awesome transaction with agehana. I highly recommend her!!

    5. Agehana purchased a Teenie Gem head from me and everything was just swell. :) Payment was instant and communication left absolutely nothing to be desired, our transaction was an extremely pleasant one and I would be more than willing to work with them again in the future.

      ♥[ Thank you for your purchase!! ]♥​
    6. agehana participated in my recent Leeke Group Order and she was very pleasant and easy to work with. Her payments were prompt and she was always very clear with what she wanted. Thanks for the great experience <3 I would love to have her participate in my future GO's!