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Feeback for Keet

Aug 10, 2008

    1. Feedback for Keet! :aheartbea

      Please leave feedback if you've had transactions from me! :aheartbea

    2. ^^ Keet and silvermasques bought my DZ Ray. Everything was quickly done without any problems. ^^ I would gladly sell to them again. (Love on Lucien for me ^.^)
    3. keet bought some msd clothing from me, and although some problems arose(PO's fault i swear...:|) she paid in a timely manner.

      wonderful buyer! i would highly recommend her!
    4. Keet paid for a faceup commission from me, she was on time and was friendly to deal with. Thank you!
    5. Keet recently purchased a Puki from me by layaway, and it was a lovely transaction. Her payments were timely, her communication prompt and a joy to read, and she let me know as soon as he arrived safely. You couldn't ask for a better buyer!
    6. keet bought a set of beyla hooves from me, awesome buyer ^^
    7. I was in Keet's Soom Alk split.

      Everything was awesome, she kept up great communication with us, shipped out the items promptly and safely... and to top it off sent some gummy worms as well! :)

      This was an all around perfect transaction!

      Thanks again, Keet!
    8. Entered a Split for an Alk outfit, and was extremely thrilled with my transaction. <3
    9. I was in Keet's Soom MD Alk split. Wow - excellent!! She kept us up with updates all the time, let us know when she got a shipping notice, when Alk arrived, took pictures, got prompt shipping quotes and mailed out well packed extremely fast! And included goodies! Thank you so much - it was a great split, and I would do another any time!
    10. I was in Keet's Soom MD Alk split too! Transaction was smooth with accurate and quick communications. Claws were packed well and sent me some yummy jelly worms with them.
      Definitively a good international transaction
      Thank you for all!!!
    11. Keet purchased a Mnf Woosoo from me and paid quickly. She was so wonderful to work with. I would very happily do business with her again!
    12. Sold Keet a delf moon head. Payments were prompt and communication was always friendly. Highly recommend as a buyer.
      Thank you for a smooth and very pleasant transaction :)
    13. I purchased a DS Blue head from Keet. Very pleased and happy to have this sculpt as part of my resin crew!

      Thank you sincerely!
    14. Bought a set of Soom Chrom Firelord legs from Keet. They're perfect and she was really good with communicating with me. :)
    15. I bought a pair of Soom Andes hands from Keet and it was a perfect transaction. Fast friendly replies, fast shipping, and the hands arrived safely packed.
    16. I bought a pair of tiny Soom antlers from Keet, and they arrived today in pristine condition. I am very happy with the items, the shipping was fast, and Keet was very friendly and pleasant to work with!
    17. I sold a MNF Shiwoo scar head and arm set for Keet. Payment came really quickly and communication was fast and friendly - you're awesome! Thank you very much for buying Shiwoo from me, I know it'll be a good home for him. :3
    18. I bought a Soom Roxen Fullset from Keet. She was nice to work with, and the doll arrived in like-new condition, just as if I'd bought from the company. I'd definitely buy from her again.
    19. A+++++++ transaction!

      We had the most wonderful trade of MNF heads with Keet! Communication was fantastic, she took extra efforts to update me on the progress of the parcel from her end and I highly appreciate that! I would recommend her to everyone on MP as a reliable and responsible business partner and will be delighted to deal with her at any time soon! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
    20. I recently purchased a Doll Leaves Mortin from Keet. Before purchasing I had a lot of questions and asked for more photos. Keet was so nice and accommodating. She responded quickly and answered all my questions. She shipped him out quickly even though there was crazy weather. He was packed well and arrived safely. I'm very happy with both the doll and the transaction. Thank you so much, Keet!