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Feeback For kesha67 ^^

Apr 24, 2007

    1. Hello there!
      This is my feedback thread. You can post a feedback for me :)

      Thanks a lot!
    2. I just sold a CP Luts Dark Elf Soo to Kesha_67
      She was abselutely marvelous to work with. Payed promptly and a wonderful person to talk to aswell. Would recomend to anyone any day.
      Lots of kisses and hugs from Iceland :aheartbea
    3. I sold a Sleeping Yder head to Kesha_67. She paid very promptly and it was a model transaction all around.

      Thank you! :)
    4. I sold a BW Shiwoo head to Kesha - she's lovely to work with. Very quick payment, and she's very nice to talk to as well! ^_^ Thank you~!
    5. I sold a BW Chiwoo Elf body to gaelle, she is wonderful!! She made her layaway payments perfectly on time, and kept up communication wonderfully, making the transaction easy and smooth! Dealing with her was an absolute pleasure :) Thank you so very much!!
    6. I just completed a transaction with kesha_67. She was great to deal and did a super job of packing my doll body. I highly recommend her. bjbnut (shirley iin NC)
    7. Kesha67 bought my Nanuri head. She was great to deal with! :thumbup :thumbup
    8. Sold a Lati girl body to Kesha67. She paid promptly and was very friend. :)
    9. I traded a CP nanuri 07 head for a Cp yder head with kesha^^ shes really nice to deal with. she communicated with me every step of the way with freindly and quick pms~ the head arrived quickly and in great condition! she even gave me some candy XD i highly reccommend her~!
    10. I bought dreaming Lishe head from kesha_67^^ It was a great transaction and I got the head very quickly, thank you kesha:aheartbea
    11. i got a pair of MNF hands from Kesha and they were cleverly packaged and she's super nice :D
    12. I bought a Unoa 1.0 large bust part. Fast shipping and perfect packaged. Everthing perfect!!!
    13. I sold a B-el faceplate to Kesha, and she was very nice to deal with! Extremely friendly throughout and very quick to pay and reply to PMs. Highly recommended. :)
    14. I sold a Msd Body to Kesha and we had a very nice communication!:D
      She paid quickly and was very patiently waiting for the parcel,which took rather long to arrive.
      Kesha is a very kind person to deal with!Thank you!:D
    15. kesha67 bought a Piki faceplate from me, communication *Excellent*, and *speedy payment*. Thanks so much! :chibi
    16. an absolute sweetie
      great communication , just wonderful person ...an absolute pleasure to deal with
    17. Just sold a flexi fashion venus to kesha_67, had a fantastic transaction, total sweetie, many thanks for a wonderful international deal :)
    18. I bought a BW Soo head from Kesha_67 - she was really helpful, and it got here really fast!
    19. I bought a Nabee head from Kesha_67, which was a perfect transaction. Communication was great and the item was sent immediately and well packed. Kesha is very nice to deal with, I can only recommend her. :D
    20. I bought a Unoa faceplate from kesha67. Super nice and replies to PMs quickly.