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Feeback for Michaelmichael

Apr 20, 2007

    1. Woo HOO! He sold me a Shiwoo!! a glorious tanning one, too. ;)

      Michaelmichael was absolutely wonderful to work with and my new boy arrived in fabulous condition. He's been very well cared for, indeed.

      I heartily recommend him as a seller :)
    2. Awww TY TY!
      I am so happy he will have a loving home!:)
    3. I got a nice jacket from him, had great communication, and the item was shipped very fast! Thank you!
    4. Michaemichael sold me a pair of MSD jeans. They arrived quickly and are just as he described. :) PM communication was very friendly and fast! It was a very smooth transaction!
    5. Michaelmichael sold me a Luts outfit, and it was a great transaction! Super fast communication, great shipping, and very friendly. ^^ Thank you so much!
    6. Didn't see a thread for him, so decided I'd start one! :D

      I bought a shirt/hat set from Michael, and communication was excellent! When he couldn't ship out when he said he could, he sent me a PM to let me know that it would be shipped out the next day. He even included a little gift!

      I would definitely buy from him in the future.

    7. I also had a fantastic transaction with Michaelmichael. I purchased his DOC Too, and everything was as described. He also enclosed something extra!
    8. Michael bought a Cheerydoll shirt from me and he was very nice to work with. thankyou :)
    9. I just had a great transaction with michaelmichael--he bought a pair of Iplehouse pants from me, and it was a real pleasure to deal with him! Very friendly and prompt communication, fast payment, everything a seller could wish for. :)
    10. I had a wonderful time have micahelmichael as a participant in my May 2008 Iplehouse group order. He was great with communication, understood the delays, paid on time, and was just a pleasure to have on the order. ^^
    11. Sold a pair of jeans to Michaelmichael. Overall a great transaction, sorry about that slow post though. : P Thanks again!
    12. Michael bought several items from our last update. Quick with payment and so nice to deal with. Highly recommended. Thanks so much!!
    13. MichaelMichael recently bought a pair of pants from me. He kept me updated the whole time and probably has the best communication out of anyone I've ever sold to. I would love to do business again with him anytime.
    14. Michael bought a hoodie from us. Thanks so much for another perfect transaction! Lovely doing business with you. c:
    15. Michaelmichael buy Sard from my.Very fair play.:lol:
      Pay immediately. :lol:Thank You very very much. All it´s perfect.;)
    16. I sold a wig to Michaelmicheal. It was a very smooth transaction at every step. He was great to communicate with--friendly and polite. He also paid very quickly. I would love to work with him again in the future. Thank you!
    17. I purchased and paid for a shirt on 9/6/09. I have not received it nor have I been able to contact Michaelmichael since then.
    18. Michaelmichael bought a Volks F16 from me on layaway. He had very friendly communication and paid promptly. Thanks for a smooth transaction~ ^^
    19. I had a great transaction with Michaelmichael
      he was a fantastic buyer!
      he paid quick and was kind enough to let me know when he got the doll
      it was a great pleasure to deal with him
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!
    20. Michaelmichael purchased a beautiful SD wig by Leeke World in a limited color (Royal Carrot). Awesome communication. thanks!