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Feeback For Nirote

Feb 16, 2007

    1. This is feedback for me. n.n

      If I've bought something from you or you've bought something for me, please post here and let everyone know how your experience was.

      Thank you!

    2. Sold a WS CP Kid Delf body to Nirote. She paid promptly, was easy to get a hold of and communicated well except for forgetting to tell us when the body had actually arrived. :P Silly girl. All in all we would have no problem doing business with her again though.

      -Abs & Rose
    3. Nirote joined my Luts piggyback order, and she paid really fast and the communication was great and super friendly ^^

      Thank you so much!! <3
    4. Sweet and understanding customer. Thanks for putting up with me :]
    5. Nirote has ordered commissions from me twice, and she was a dream to work with each time. Prompt payment, good communication, and a generally agreeable person altogether. Thanks darlin'!! :)
    6. Nirote participated in the Leekeworld group I had the pleasure of organizing this past month and she was an absolute Delight to deal with from start to finish:D She was courteous, very sweet, paid quickly & was Very responsible;) I wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. :thumbup :thumbup for this awesome buyer.
    7. She commissioned me for a body modification and face up on her doll, and everything went great! :) She was in good communication, paid quickly and was nice to work with. Thanks!
    8. Nirote purchased a Lishe from me, and was very awesome to work with. She paid me immediately, and was always super nice to talk to. I would be happy to have another transaction with her.
      Thanks, so much. <3
    9. Nirote purchased a Dollheart Tea Melody dress set and was fantastic to work with! A++++++

    10. Bought a MSD/MNF Lolita set from me.
      Prompt payment with smooth transaction.
      Friendly to communicate with, nice buyer! ^^
    11. Nirote commissioned two outfits from me and was great to work with -- super friendly communications and very patient. The outfits were her original designs and it was wonderful helping her make them realities.:)
    12. Nirote and Slowlyturningblue commissioned me for two face ups and a body modification and everything went great just like last time! ^^ Thanks!
    13. I bought a MNF body from Nirote and the entire transaction was a dream. :aheartbea She was very courteous and wonderful to talk to. She shipped promptly and was kind enough to answer any questions I had.

      Thank you so much! I definitely recommend this seller. A+! transaction.
    14. CENTER]


      ~*~ Dollmore Group Order ~*~

      &#10087;Nirote&#10087; participated in my very first Dollmore Group Order here in DoA. She was so patient since she was the first one to join and had to wait until we have reached the "Free Shipping" mark. Although we couldn't get one of the things on her list, it was okay with her. She paid quickly, was prompt with her replies and was very friendly.

      Thank you so much

      :cheer :dance :cheer

      &#10086; Decy &#10086;

    15. I purchased a Luts Delf Miyu from Nirote. They had great communication throughout the entire transaction. When I asked a question about the body, Nirote both answered my question and provided photo reference.

      Thanks again :D
    16. Nirote sold me his Luts Delf El. I can't say enough good about him! Friendly, fast, and very informative. He even surprised me with some awesome extras. El's been extremely well taken care of. I'd buy from him any day.