Feeback for prince_of_the_netherworld

Sep 25, 2007

    1. he wanted to buy a Kurumi outfit full set(including wig, bag, shoes, and outfit) in layaway.
      he said he was so desperate, n promised to pay some amount in 10 days from the day he contacted me(which is tomorrow Sept 26th), and pay the rest on Oct 5th.

      later he asked me to push back the date to the week after 5th Oct, because he had a convention to go.
      so i told him no more than 8th Oct.

      later again, he asked me to lower the price, i said no.

      another time, he asked my FRIEND to ask me to lower the price for him.(which i kinda got mad about.. this is me n his problem not my friend's, right?)

      but after all these, he came to me n broke the layaway today(Sept 25th).

      if you want to do a transaction with him, please think once more.