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Feeback for TamsSharp

Jan 20, 2008

    1. Hey Everyone!
      If you've done business with me please leave some feedback for me here.
      Thanks! :)
    2. TamsSharp bought a Yo-SD sized Saints shirt from me, and she was really sweet and patient ^^

      Great buyer, thanks so much! <3
    3. Tamsharp bought an Emily the Strange hoodie from us. She kept us updated about payment and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks so much!!
    4. I participated in a Group Order organized by TamsSharp. She was highly organized, kept in touch with the group at all times and updated about the status.
      I'd totally join another GO run by her, she is a pleasure to deal with.
      Thank you so much Tam! :aheartbea
    5. I was part of Tamsharp's group order. She was very nice to deal with and kept us well updated throughout. Thank you Tam! ^^
    6. I participated in TamSharp's Fantasy Doll GO and everything went smoothly. I would definitely do business with TamsSharp again!
    7. Tam is wonderful both as a buyer and seller-- she's excellent to communicate and is someone I would gladly have transactions with again in the future. High praises!
    8. TamsSharp is a wonderful group order organizer. She combined the Fantasy Doll group order originally started by Defectivegirl I was in with her own FD group order when ours ran into trouble. Tams kept us all up to date every step of the way, something I really appreciated. She was patient and organized and even went the extra step to provide a little surprise for all of us, which was amazing considering the size of the group order. I'd be happy to do business with her in the future. :)
    9. Tam ran a Fantasy Doll GO and while it started out wonderfully, she ran into serious problems at the end and neglected to handle her obligations properly.

      I was forced to call her and then get another DoAer involved to actually receive my order.

      I understand personal issues arose, but there was NO excuse for lack of contact and just getting the remainder of the order out.

      It was a very frustrating end to previously well-run/organized GO.