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Feeback for Zombie Jill~

Jul 1, 2007

    1. ^_^ Since I'm just staring to make transactions here on DoA, I figured I ought to make one of these. ^^ So, please, leave feedback for me, if I've dealt with you in some way, shape or form. ^_^ Thanks~
    2. Yay! I'm first ^_^

      Zombie Jill bought two pair of eyes from me. The payment was fast and she let me know when the eyes arrived. Not only was the communication great, but she was very understanding of my delay in shipping and was so nice in her PMs! She is definately a great person to sell too! I'd recommend her and not hesitate to sell to her again!
    3. Zombie Jill is a wonderful buyer!

      She bought two pairs of eyes from me and was very fast in both payment and sending replies. Smooth as any transaction could be.

      I would love to deal with you again, thank you Zombie Jill!
    4. Zombie Jill recently purchased a shirt from me and was very lovely to do business with! She paid very quickly and told me when her shirt had arrived. n_n
    5. Zombie Jill participated in my SoulDoll group order. She was a pleasure to deal with! Paid promptly and kept in constant contact.

      Thank you!