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Feed back for afa187

Nov 7, 2009

    1. I look around here and It seems that afa187 have no feedback thread.
      So,I start one for afa187. :D

      Positive Feedback!

      I'm happy to deal with afa187.
      afa187 bought School A + SD13 from me.With fast Layaway, afa187 is a good person to deal with.

      After the doll arrived to afa187.afa187 also kinds to sent pm approved me that the doll is in perfect sharp.

      Thank you very much.I hope we'll have a good deal again in the future. :aheartbea
    2. I sold to afa187. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to deal with her again in the future.
    3. afa187 bought a SOOM doll from me. She was really so nice to communicate and finished her layaway in amazing speed. I was been kindly told as soon as she picked up the package. Very friendly and lovely buyer she is. Highly commend~!

      I sold a El Tan to afa187 and all was really perfect with a really nice communication and a very very fast payment !!!! 200% recommended ! Thanks a lot :-)
    5. I sold a bronze Soom Aphan to afa187, and it was a very pleasant transaction overall. I wouldn't hesitate to business with them again.
      Thank you very much! <3
    6. Afa187 purchased my Harlequin boy and it was a wonderful transaction with fast payment and she even let me know when he arrived

      I can highly reccommend this lovely DOA member to anyone that asks : )
    7. I sold my Soom MD Chrom to afa187 and can just state it was the fastest and most comfortable sale I've ever made: clear questions, promt money transfer, and even the logistics company chosen by afa187 delivered the doll within 24 hours after sending. The communication itself was also very pleasant I've enjoyed it so much. I'd highly recommend her in any role - as a buyer, seller, ect - for any transactions to anyone!
    8. Afa187 bought my Minimee Shou head, & it was truly a pleasant transaction. =) She paid exactly when promised, communication was excellent, very nice to talk to, & let me know when he arrived.

      Thank you so much, again! And I'm glad you were finally able to get a Shou. <3
    9. I bought Nyx Limos from Afa187. Communication and sending was very quick. Thank you and recommend. :)