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feed back for darkmothflame / tro-chan (221b)

Sep 17, 2006

    1. **EDIT** please leave feedback if you've bought wigs from me, commissioned face ups from The Mirror, bought corset tops from The Gentleman's Closet, or dealt with Tro-chan and 221B (jewelry)


      i realize i probably should start this thread - if you've ordered my wigs, could you please leave feedback? thanks ^^

    2. I just got my wigs from darkmothflame and they are both well made and adorable! Shipping was super fast as well. Thanks so much!
    3. I bought a wig a couple of months ago and it's fantastic. It fits my girl perfectly and I've never had any problems with it. Darkmothflame is also very friendly and fast!

      You can see the wig on my girl in my icon! :D
    4. LOVE dealing with darkmothflame, FANTASTIC wigs! Will be ordering more soon XD
    5. I just got my wigs from darkmothflame and they're exactually want I wanted! I got them really fast too, and her wigs are so cool! ^_^

      I'll be ordering from her again, because you can never have enough amazing wigs. <3
    6. THANK YOU SO MUCH! These wigs are HIGH QUALITY and BEAUTIFUL! Good job-- fast shipping and excellent communication.
    7. I've received the wigs~~~They are really nice!!
      Thank you very much !!
    8. Really nice wigs - I'm sure to get more in the future. :)
    9. Fantasic custom lynx wig. Thanks so much !
    10. I am absolutely thrilled with the custom wig I ordered from darkmothflame! >w< It really is perfect for my Rooster - it suits him through and through. It's high quality, and easy to style, and the transaction went very smoothly. I'm definitely thinking of ordering more wigs from her in future!
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      Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
    12. darkmothflame bought a doll from me. She was very friendly, communication was great and easy to keep in touch with. She sent payment quickly and when she said she would. She is an excellent buyer.
    13. I'm back - my curly fur coat arrived today, and it's gorgeous. Darkmothflame was as fast and communicative as always. One of my favorite DoA sellers!!
    14. It's me again~~~I have bought several wigs form darkmothflame again and again XD
      darkmothflame is a nice seller, make good quality products in high speed~~~hahahaha!! Highly recommend~~~~
    15. I recieved my wig today and it looks awesome!!


      Sorry for the quality of the photos.
      The Fur is wonderful in person! Its sooo soft.

      If I need another fur wig, I'll deff. buy from her again.
      Fast response and shipping!
    16. I bought two fur wigs from darkmothflame and I really don't think I could say enough good things. The wigs are utterly ADORABLE and I couldn't be happier with them. Not only are the adorable, but they're well made, and very affordably priced.
      Likewise, darkmothflame was beyond wonderful about keeping in touch, she was SO fast to respond to my emails and constantly keeping me updated. And her shipping was SUPER fast. She mailed them as soon as they were done, and I got them two days later!! I'm VERY impressed with everything, and I would DEFINITELY recommend dealing with her!
    17. I received the two pink wigs and they are grrrreat. Arrived quickly too. Highly recommend. Thanks so much.
    18. I got a pink wig with kitty ears for my orientdoll SO-DONG from darkmothflame and its super! Fits my cutie without any problem and i don't have to use sticky tape or velco! Will buy again ^^
    19. A very helpful seller who is patient and informative, love the wigs! :)
    20. I got my wig and its awesome ^___^