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Feed back for~Deejy_but

Apr 4, 2011

    1. this is the feed back thread for me, by me. i would greatly appriciate it if you posted comments and thoughts on how our transaction went. : D
    2. I just sold a DDII body to deejy_but on layaway. It was a good transaction, payments were made on time every time.

      Thank you very much!
    3. Deejy_but was in my Lace swap. She posted her profile on time but when it came to ship out the gift her communication was horrible.

      She responded once with a real life problem and that was it. I had sent several messages to her about showing proof of shipping or tracking number. Nothing. His partner still has nothing.

      I would not do business or let him be in another one of my swaps ever.

      If the gift does show up then I will add a note to the feedback thread stating so.
    4. Deejy_but bought some feeple60 hands from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!