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Feed Back For Ghost Love Score

Jun 8, 2011

    1. welcome to My Feedback Thread :)
    2. I recently did a Clothes Swap with Ghost Love Score and i am very happy with her. Her items were sent out incredibility fast i received them before the shipped out date. So really impressed with that. She has been friend and sweet and i have had no problems with her.

      The items them selves i was amazed by, she had obviously got stuff that was higher then the budget and had thought about what my girls would like. The clothes that i got from her was very them. I liked them a lot. She also sent some very cute items for them linked to what i described them being into.

      It was a pleasure that she was my swap partner and she was so great i have been excited about doing other swaps.
    3. Ghost Love Score bought a 7/8 blue wig from me. She was a delight to deal with. Paid quickly and had great communication. Even let me know when the wig arrived. I would gladly do business with her again.
      Enjoy the wig! ^.^
    4. I had a flawless transaction with Ghost Love. She paid quickly and let me know when the package arrived. A perfect sale! Thank you, chops
    5. :fangirl: When you sell a wig to someone who pays swiftly, is friendly and prompt with communication and even sends you photos of the wig when she uses it...now that's fabulous. Ghost Love is one of the sweetest people you'll run into. Just count your blessings if she offers to buy something from you!
    6. Ghost Love Score bought some msd shoes from me. She was very communicative and paid promptly.

      Thank you! Would definitely do business with her again!