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Feed back for Liebestraum

Feb 17, 2011

    1. Any seller for buyer please leave a feed back for me ^^~Thank you!
    2. Liebestraum bought a Soom Gluino from me. L. is an excellent buyer. She paid layaway ahead of schedule (which is nice for me)) and always was in touch. It was a pleasure to deal with her.
      Thank you very much!
    3. Liebestraum purchased two suits from me, with wonderful communication and prompt payment. Smooth transaction. Thanks let me know when they are arrived.
    4. Liebstraum bought a pair of Supia High Heel feet from me and was super kind and nice ^^! She payed fast and I would definitely want her to buy from me again, shes such a sweetie <3
    5. Liebstraum bought some socks and jewellery from me. Because we live close to each other, we met up in person to do the sale. Everything went smoothly, and communication was great. I'd feel very confident doing transactions with her in the future.
    6. Irene's lovely!! She commissioned me an outfit and was a pleasure to deal with her! <3 Thank you very much, hun! I hope to see you again in the future!
    7. I bought a pair of shoes from Liebestraum, such a smooth transaction and she is such a sweetheart! Hope to do business with her again in the future.
    8. Liebestraum bought a Soom Nephelin from me. I am very very happy!. It was a perfect transaction: payment was prompt and communication was polite and pleasant, I really enjoyed talking to her^^. She was kindly enough to let me know when Nephelin arrived! I highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you again my dear. It was delightful doing business with you <3
    9. I bought WithDoll Nana from Liebestraum and I am very happy :) She answered all my questions and she was very kind and patient. She helped me with shipping problems and she packed the doll nicely and safely. Thank you so much for this great business :D
    10. I bought a Soom Supergem new type girl body from Liebestraum and I really can't express how amazing she was! She was incredibly friendly throughout all of our conversations and we quickly worked out a great deal :) She showed me the process of her wrapping the body (which I asked to have her ship unstrung) and she labeled each part! The body was shipped immediately after she got my payment and she also gave me great advice on what size clothes would work on the body since she is my first SD X3
      The body arrived in perfect condition wrapped amazingly! All in all, I would highly recommend Liebstraum to anyone looking to buy :)
      Thank you!!! <3
    11. I bought a Soom Hyperon from Leibestraum and it was a pleasure to work with her throughout the entire transaction. She is patient, and wonderfully communicative, answering all my questions and sharing information. Her sales pictures are excellent, the doll is mint and carefully packaged, and promptly shipped. Buying from Leibestraum has definitely been one of the most pleasant transactions I've had here on DofA, and I would buy from her again. Thank you for this gorgeous guy!
    12. I bought two wigs from Liebestraum and she was a really great seller. Communication was good, she posted the wigs superfast after I paid for them, and they arrived in great condition and looking just as described.

      Thank you for a pleasant international transaction! :)