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Feed Back For Midnight At The Oasis/elfmoon

Sep 2, 2006

    1. I've started a thread because I've sold some clothing through my shop. Anyone who's purchased from me, please leave feedback.

      Also I run the free undies for newbies. If you received boxers for your doll and were satisfied, please feel free to say so!

    2. *Click tiny pic to see this up close*[​IMG]
      I just received this wonderful caftan from Elfmoon. The fabrics are lovely and the embroidery is fabulous--tiny swirls of pale blue down the front, accented by swathes of a pale blue silk on the hem, neckline & sleeves. Elfmoon's work is teriffic. Thanks again![​IMG]
    3. Another gorgeous outfit designed and created by Midnight at the Oasis aka elfmoon--beautiful, very professional work done on commission. First rate fabrics and every attention to detail in design, embroidery, and all the little things that distinguish the ordinary from the really extraordinary![​IMG] Elfmoonworks closely with you on your comissions and makes sure you love it before she's satisfied!
      Alejandro recieved a beautiful embroidered silk shirt, 2 silk & brocade vests, salwars (desert nomad trousers), a leather belt and a beautiful silk velvet burnoose. This shot only shows a part of this wonderful ensemble. Two thumbnail closeups of his embroidered shirt and burnoose:

      Thanks again for all your hard work and energy working on this FABulous outfit.
    4. elfmoon purchased a necklace from me. Very prompt payment and great communications~ =^^=
    5. I bought a beautiful silver Persian Prince outfit from Elfmoon. The quality is fantastic! The design is wonderful and she pays very close attention to detail. I hope to buy more outfits from her in the future! Thank you!!! :aheartbea

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    6. I bought elfmoon's Royal Ottoman outfit from eBay and everything, the transaction, communication, the product, was just perfect!

      I hope to have some pictures up in the future... and until then I will be pestering her with commissions. She is just great to work with.

      Thank you, Desiree!:D
    7. finally found elfmoon's feedback thread :sweat
      was prompt in payment and informed me when she received her necklaces :)
    8. Elfmoon is an absolute joy to work with! She's a very kind and giving person. She's a good listener and a wonderful friend to have!
      Her work is very high quality and she really makes sure that you are very pleased. I HIGHLY recommend her for your next commission! She is the best person I have ever delt with over DOA and I will be working with her alot more in the future!!

      Thanks Dee! *hugs*
    9. Made a kilt for my boy. it's fantastic! and she's super great with communication :) Thanks!!
    10. Not too long ago I put my first commission request up here and Elfmoon answered it quickly. I have to say Elfmoon made the whole process very easy and enjoyable. And the outfit was very good quality and worth every cent I payed for it. (picture of outfit coming soon)
    11. Ok I just have a few more things to add (i can't go edit my original post). When my dolls clothes from elfmoon came in I realized that I had sent her some bad measurments and some of the pieces were too small. When I told her about the bad measurments Elfmoon kindly offered to redo the parts that didn't fit with no extra charge. And now everything fits just right. Elfmoon gets an A+ all around from me. She is a wonderful person.
      Pics of outfit:
      undershirt and pants that double as a seperate outfit

      Cosplay outfit (Assassin's Creed)
    12. I comissioned an outfit from Dee! Her communication is great! She works very quickly, and does wonderful work! Dee is a real pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend her to anyone! Thanks so much, Dee!
    13. elfmoon bought a Iplehouse Y.I.D NS Boy Body from me! She paid quickly and was just as fast with PMs as well!
      Great buyer and I would definitely recommend her :)
      Thank you for a great transaction!

      -- yeast
    14. elfmoon ran a small group order I was part of, and did a great job! I got everything I ordered except what was unavailable from the company, and she refunded the extra money from those items immediately. Everything shipped safely- and well-packed, and arrived quickly. I'd definately do business with her again!
    15. Elfmoon comissioned me to do a mod and faceup on her Hound, Kristoff. She was a pleasre to work with and very sweet. I'd be happy to do business with you again! Thank you! :) :aheartbea
    16. I did a split with elfmoon on Iplehouse Special ver. Mars. She is a great communicator!!
      Very fast PMs and payments.. not to mention that she's very patient too!
      I really enjoyed my experience on doing a split with her and would recommend her to others most definitely!!
      Thank you again!

      -- yeast
    17. I have been buying ready made and commissioned outfits from Elfmoon for some time now and can only recommend her. She is wonderful to deal with, easy to communicate with and her workmanship is excellent. And she is the most responsible and conscientious seamstress I've encountered so far!^^

      Here are some pics of my latest commission - the challenge was to construct a medieval oriental coat that a crusader had worn and brought back home with him from the Near East to his European home. There it had been carefully stored in a chest for centuries until the crusader's modern day descendant, my Montsegur, re-discovered it and donned it. So it had to look ancient, mended, used and abused.
      Elfmoon achieved this look using every trick in the book and I think it's absolutely convincing!

      Sorry for the huge pics, but this outfit comes alive through its details!


      Here you can see the crude stitching where the original owner had mended the sleeve seams, and also the awesome leather knight's pouch Elfmoon made to complete the outfit.


      Thanks a lot! :aheartbea
    18. I comissioned elfmoon to make me a steampunk inspired set of outfits for my DZ rabbit and fox.

      I really can't recommend her enough. She is an absolute blast to work with on a creation, and her work is impeccable. You won't find a more dedicated, friendly, and reasonably priced doll seamstress anywhere.

      I plan to have Dee make me many more outfits in the future!
      I will post some photos soon!
    19. Here are some photos of the fab outfits Elfmoon made for Malekai and Jasper...

    20. I bought an Iplehouse Muscular Body from Elfmoon, and I'm very happy over the whole process. She's a sweet and fun person to communicate through pms, and very fast with replying questions too. Not to mention she's also patient to work with and she shipped the body pronto. Thanks for everything!