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Feed Back for PakouChan ^.^

Oct 21, 2006

    1. Greetings, if you have ever bought, hahah or I HAVE bought from you, please leave me some feed back! Id appreciate it to bits!!! All transactions were done by ONLY MO, since I dont have a paypal. ^.^ Thanks!!!

      Ive bought/sold things from/to:
      ~Sumomo123-Bought <3
      ~SFC Marti-Sold[YoSdTinatsu]<3
      ~Beckers-UnoaHelp, thanks so much!<3
      ~NeopleanChan-Free Holiday Gift<3
      ~Amy the Yu-Bought<3

      I will try always keep in contact with all buyers and sellers about the current transactions taking place. I will personally make sure that the person I am dealing with will know whats happening either with myself or Ill make sure to find out whats happening with the person. I am a very honest person, and if there is something you must know, I will tell you! Mind you, I am human and occassionally can/do make mistakes. :) Feel Free to ask me any questions and Ill be more than happy to respond!

    2. Pakou is wonderful to deal with! Payed promptly and contacts you well.
      I feel I have made a new, great friend!
      Wuv you Pakouchan!
    3. Pakou is super to deal with - always pleaant, great correspondence, fast payment and a joy to exchange email with. I'm so glad Shiwoo is going to a good home; Pakou & he will bond immediately I think.

      Highly recommend!!
    4. PakouChan is an absolutely wonderful person to deal with ^-^
      Sweet as candy ^.^ would love to work with again ^,^
    5. *smiles I soo Love all 3 of you!! <3
    6. Pakou is a wonderful asset to the marketplace! Communications excellent and the elf head was fantastic. thanks, Michele
    7. ^.^ It was great doing buisness with you!!
    8. Pakou is nothing short of a complete sweetheart. Since making a deal with her to purchase her Unola about a month ago she's kept great contact between herself and the two of us. On top of being a generally fun and sweet girl to talk to/deal with she's patient and keeps you well informed on what's going on.

      Rose and I have enjoyed dealing with her immensely and won't hesitate to do so again.

      <3's to you Pakou. ^_^ We can't wait to have Epona home with us.
    9. *smiles I loved doing buisness with you two as well!
      Im very grateful and happy that Epona will go to a loving home
      and I am over joyed that you both decided to keep her name <3
      I <3 you both very much and feel Ive made great new friends!!!
    10. I had a awesome Transaction with PakouChan, I adopted a Mf Shiwoo from her, She always kept in contact and was always super nice. PakouChan was super nice and let me do Layaway for him ^^
      He's so cute I love him and he'll have a great home.
      Highly recommend~
      Thank you ~
    11. Crescent_P

      I always loved your little letters you sent. Thank you so much for adopting him and it was no problem at all to do the layaway for you. Thanks so much once again!

    12. PakouChan is a superb buyer. Let me know that Soo arrived safely. I would not hesitate to buy from or sell to. A big thank you and hugs.
    13. Always fun to deal with Pakou!:) Thank you!
    14. PakouChan bought a pair of Yo-Tenshi Yuki wings from me, and she was absolutely awesome! A VERY nice person all around, so kind and understanding. ^_^ The payment came as promised, and everything went so smooth! Thank you again Pakou!!!!
    15. Wow, I cannot beleive I have not left feedback for PakouChan yet! I both bought from and sold to her. Both transactions were smooth and fast! She's an amazing person and ships quickly! I'd be very happy to do bussiness with her again! Thanks!:)
    16. Great to deal with. She was very understanding and kept in constant contact :)
    17. Bought a vampire elf Chiwoo head from Pakou, and had an awesome experience. Excellent communication, prompt shipping, and head is exactly as described in sales ad. Would definitely buy from again!
    18. :) Thank you everyone, Id love to do buisness with all of you again XD
    19. I had a wonderful experience buying from PakouChan. She is excellent to deal with, with great communication, honest description and excellent packaging! Thanks for selling me the Soo head!
    20. :) Ivy Im so glad you liked her and that everything worked out! *phew