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Feed Back For VulpesPraedatum

Jul 10, 2008

    1. FEEDBACK FOR VulpesPraedatum

      Ummm... I searched and could not find a feedback thread for VulpesPraedatum so I thought Id start one for her! She is a great seller! I just bought my Volks Rose from her and Rose is exactly how she was discribed!! NOT only that, but she included some extra goodies and it was sooo soo kind of her! I ammmm SOOOO thrilled to have done buisness with VulpesPraedatum and really hope to do another transaction with her again! I am just too happy! Shipping was excellent! 5 stars out of 5! Communication was the same rating! She was patient! She was very understanding, and willing to do a short layaway for me. Once again, I could not recommend a better person to do buisness with!! Thank You so much for my girl, she is everything and more that you discribed!!!


      A very Happy BJD customer,