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Feed back for zuiki

Apr 8, 2011

    1. If you've bought something from me or sell something to me, please leave your feedback here.
      Thank you :)
    2. I purchased a Soom Namu from Zuiki via layaway and was highly impressed!! Great communication, kept me up to date with how much I owed and when the final payment was down the postage was prompt. Postage was fast and upon arrival the was by far the MOST safest well wrapped box I've ever opened!! I highly recommend Zuiki to any seller/buyer/trader and would happily purchase from Zuiki again :)
    3. I purchased her Ndoll elf Pan! ^_^ Very nice communication and great to work with. Sent the package well packed and arrived in a timely manner. Thanks so much!
    4. I purchased SoulDoll Elden from her this year and she was very nice and answered ALL of my questions! He was in just as good of shape as she said and he arrived in a timely manner :) Recommended!

      On November 23th, zuiki contacted me saying her friend was interested in a doll I was selling and asked about shipping. I replied right away. On November 25th, she replied saying her friend wanted a discount even though I clearly had my price as "firm" at that moment. On November 27th, she said her friend had an offer and I accepted it. On November 28th, she asked for my paypal info "to send payment ASAP". I replied right away.

      After this, I never received any payment. I asked her several times and she said she was asking her friend again and so on. A week passed since I gave her my paypal info, but she "couldn't contact her friend" and I told her today was the last day I was going to wait for her friend to pay me. No payment has been received and zuiki said she cannot contact her friend.

      This has been such an unprofessional transaction. I have lost a lot of time for nothing and I believe I have been patient enough. I think this flakey should be here to warn future sellers. I hope you don't have to go throught a failed transaction like me.
    6. Great transaction with zuiki! She bought a YOSD doll from me. She paid very quickly and let me know when he arrived! I would happily do business with her again, thank you so much!!! :D
    7. * Positive Feedback *

      Zuiki was very lovely in handling the entire transaction with me. I bought an item that recently arrived to me safe & sound. Everything was well packaged.

      Zuiki even took the time to send me photos that illusttated the manner in which the contents were packaged as well as the postal documentation confirming shipment.

      Overall, am very pleased with this transaction.