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Feed back : Naitomeadoll

Apr 5, 2007

    1. hi guys, I guess its a good idea to have one of these nee? I'm not quite selling on DoA yet, but I figured its good to start an early feedback! So If Ive bought something from you, and have given you my money. [lol] please leave me feedback!

      EDIT: ^_^ I guess it has been since feb that I have joined on DOA and going strong! It seems I am racking up some feedback these days, I really appreciate the good words and praises from all my buyers AND sellers. Good transactions keep my hope up about the international market. Thank you so much everyone! My doll family is ever growing and Id like to keep it that way, :aheartbea and that's where all the members of the market place come together, so again I would like to say THANK YOU for making the unobtainable, become, obtainable.

    2. very fast payer on a leeke wig she bought from me. Thanks so much!
    3. Sold a head to Naitomeadoll, fast payment and smooth transaction! :)
    4. Naitomeadoll bought a Dreaming El head from me! She was very friendly and the payment came extremely fast. I hope you enjoy him, naitomeadoll~ Thanks for a great experience!
    5. Naitomeadoll bought an outfit from me and the transaction was wonderful, she paid very quickly and was communicative :)
    6. Sold a Yuni ll head to Naitomeadoll. She paid quickly and we had good communication. Thank you.
    7. Sold a doll head to naitomeadoll. She was great, paid quickly, was fun to chat with, and was overall, a great person! Thanks!
    8. Bought a doll head from naitomeadoll. Arrived just as described! ^__^ Thanks naitomeadoll!
    9. I sold a AOD body to Naitomeadoll. Quick payment, and the transaction came quickly. I hope you enjoy the body.
    10. Naitomeadoll sold me an adorable Cherry Boy by Luts. She even drove him to me (since we live somewhat Close) She was wonderful all the way and so is my Cherry Boy.

      Thanks again Naitomeadoll.

    11. Just bought an adorable Dollzone Kay from Naitomeadoll and could not be more pleased! Doll was exactly as described, communication was GREAT (very prompt and friendly), and shipping was unbelievably fast!

      I would do business with again, and recommend her to anyone else!

      Thanks again, Naitomeadoll!!!

      - Wendy
    12. I just had a quick transaction with naitomeadoll that also involved a doll sent her way in trade :) Though we were going to do a slight layaway she chose instead to send money in full very quickly, which caught me offguard even! *L* :) I was moving at the time so while talking was limited while waiting for my service to get situated everything worked out well and she had my cell# in case there were any problems, which there weren't :) Thank you for buying my shiwoo, I hope you like him!
    13. She bought a Volks After School Shirou from me,
      and though the layaway period was negotiated for up to two months,
      she paid up fully within an extremely accelerated time-frame.

      A buyer who's very pleasant to deal with,
      thanks again naitomeadoll!
    14. Bought a Doll from naitomeadoll and I'm very pleased. ^____^ I love my Harang so much <333

      Thanks again!
    15. i just got her volks schulze and he's lovely! turns out he's perfect for a chara i'm just developing! it's awesome!
    16. I recently did a partial trade with Naitomeadoll, my chiwoo + $$ for her Shirou, and it went smoothly. The doll was in perfect condition and her friend (who was taking care of the doll for her) was able to meet with me right away for the trade. :)
    17. I recently bought a special El from naitomeadoll. The communication was great and she kept me updated at all time during the transaction! The boy arrived in a really well packed box and was in perfect condition like she mentioned on her sale post. I can't be any happier with him~! Thanks so much! <3
    18. Excellent transaction. Amazing communication. Would buy from again without a second thought. Thanks so much!!
    19. Naitomeadoll is an amazing buyer!
      Her payment was incredibly quick, using BillPay, it worked out great and I received my payment right away! and she was very congenial, I enjoyed doing business with her! :D
    20. naitomeadoll was a great buyer. She purchased my DOD DOT Camine with BillPay and everything was smooth sailing! Payment arrived quickly, communication was excellent. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.

      Now just waiting for pics of Cam's debut with her Ducan... :)