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Feed back thread for silvennia

Oct 1, 2008

    1. Hey, well didn't see a feedback thread for this user so I'm just gonna make one!

      Sent some Seams For Free items to silvennia and the transaction was perfect, sent payment for shipping quickly and responded well, glad your little girl has something ta wear, thanks! =^_^=
    2. silvennia bougt a dz leo form me, she is very nice and fast payment^^
    3. Silvennia commissioned a knitted coat for a msd, she was super understanding with time and clear about what she wanted. It was great working for her :)
    4. Silvennia purchased a doll head from me and she was great! Very nice to talk with and she paid quickly and let me know when the box arrived. I'd highly recommend her as a buyer to anyone.
      Thanks very much, Silvennia! :)