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Feedack for Yuu-Hanabusa

Mar 28, 2009

    1. Hello!

      If you have made a transaction with me, I would love it if you posted feedback. ^^

      Thank you! ~ <3
    2. User bought a Breakaway doll from me on layaway, was very punctual with payment, and had no problems during the whole transaction. nice and reliable buyer! :)
    3. Yuu-Hanabusa is a great buyer. She bought some dolls' accessaries from me. Great communication and fast payment. A pleasure to do business with.
      Thank you!!!
    4. Yuu-Hanabusa bought a Dollheart Fer from me, and was a pleasure to work with. :) Good, friendly communication, prompt payment, and she let me know when it arrived. Thanks a lot! :D
    5. Yuu-Hanabusa participated in my Luts Limited CIAN and Dion Split. She ordered super senior delf with this GO

      She was so nice and friendly. She sent payment so fast. Her communication was great.

      She replied all of PMs and let me know when package arrived to her house.

      It was so nice to due business with her. I will absolutely work with her again.

      Thank you so much.

    6. I painted one of Yuu's heads and had a really pleasant transaction. She let me know when she shipped her dolls, and was really pleasant to work with when I had updates or questions for her. :) Her payment was fast, and she let me know when her boy arrived home safely! Thanks Yuu~ ;D
    7. Yuu-Hanabusa joined my Soom GO and they were a great split member :)
    8. Yuu bought a hand made lingerie set from me and was a pleasure to deal with. Communication was great and payment was fast. Thank you! :D
    9. Yuu bought my beryl never ending dream... and she was awesome! She payed nice and fast, and had great communication! I would totally reccomend Yuu!!
    10. Yuu bought a pair of eyes from me and she was a pleasure to deal with. ^^ perfect buyer~~thanks!
    11. Yuu-Hanabusa bought Doll Eyes from me. She paid quickly and told me when package arrived. A pleasure to do business with.
    12. Yuu-Hanabusa bought a Two.S.Doll outfit from me, and everything went perfectly. I'd be happy to deal with her again anytime! :) :chocoberry
    13. Yuu-hanabusa joined my LUTS GO. She is a sweetie to work with, very reliable with funds and communications both and I'd gladly work with her again &#9829;
    14. I bought Yuu-Hanabusa's Soom Glot along with a Biweekly Soom Teenie Gem outfit. Everything worked out like a dream. <3 She held her for me until I could pay at the end of the week, and was a pleasure to talk to throughout the transaction. She was shipped out the next day after payment, and when I received her today, she was packaged very well. ^^

      I highly recommend her as a seller for sure! :D
    15. I had a very nice transaction with Yuu-Hanabusa. Yuu is a great buyer. Smooth communication, fast payment. Thank you very much:)
    16. I sold a MSD item to Yuu-Hanabusa. Wonderful communication and she let me know that the item arrived safely. I would love to sell to her again!
    17. Another great transaction with Yuu-Hanabusa as a buyer. Always a pleasure to deal with.
    18. Yuu-Hanabusa bought a Cuprit from me. She paid immediately and had excellent communication. I would definately do business with her again!

    19. I did a trade with Yuu-Hanabusa. she was quick to answer and pay. she also shipped very quickly and everything was very well wrapped and in perfect condition!
      thanks a lot :aheartbea
    20. Fabulous buyer, highly recommended!