Mar 2, 2016

    1. Please leave feedback for me if we have done any business together! Thankies!! :*
    2. KandyDoll bought my Dollshe Amanda and everything went smoothly. She paid promptly and communicated in a timely and friendly manner. I recommend her highly and look forward to dealing with her again.
    3. I bought 2 wigs from KandyDoll
      It was a smooth transaction.
      Nice communication and good quality of the wigs.

      Thank you again
    4. Positive Feedback!

      KandyDoll approached me about my custom Minifee clothing set. They were quick with payment, and is a friendly buyer. I am very satistifed with the sale, and will
      definitely not hesitate to sell to them again. Have fun with the set!
    5. I bought a Migidoll Yuri Head from KandyDoll and it was a very quick and pleasant transaction and I really appreciate their promptness!