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Feedback about the new Dolkot Star body (Ver. 02, 2009)

Oct 18, 2009

    1. Recently I received my Dolkot Bera :aheartbea with the new body. I searched but haven't seen anything here yet which talks about the pros and cons of the new body, so I thought I'd just document my opinion so far.

      Firstly, I was quite disconcerted when I first saw pics of the new body. It looked really skinny and a bit out of proportion. I investigated my options with Dolkot who said that if I really wanted to I could order the old body, but I decided that I'd leap in with both feet and get the new one :-)

      Serena stands really solidly, and doesn't threaten to faceplant. I've never had a doll that is so incredibly stable. When she is seated, I can pick her up by the waist and her legs stay in exactly the same seated posture with no movement whatsoever. When you put the new body into a position, it seems to just stay there. Her stringing is nicely tight - not too much. Each joint moves with purpose, not loose, just does what you ask of it.

      The new feet look really odd at first, but seem to help a lot with the stability. I'm used to them now, and you'd never notice when she's wearing shoes anyway! There are 'bumps' on her bottom, and they help her to sit straight and not fall back at all. Although, she never actually threatens to fall back, she just stays put. I'm actually quite amazed about the effort that Dolkot has gone to in order to increase her stability.

      Her body looks much more slender in Dolkot's promotional pics, in the flesh she is far more in proportion.

      From her arrival:


      Her feet:


      In her underwear:


      Her bottom 'bumps' (what a disconcerting pic to take of a dollie!):


      Her hands:


      I thought I'd just add some specific pics, there are heaps of body pics at Dolkot already. I'd love to know what others think of the new body :fangirl:
    2. thanks for posting this! I used to have a Bera with the old body; I sold her and have always kinda missed her. Maybe I'll get a new one someday... I like the look of the new body! How is she for poseability? Can she kneel, touch her face, etc?
    3. The new body poses like a dream. She has double jointed knees and elbows so she can kneel and touch her face easily. I haven't tried to stand her on one leg yet, but if any of my dolls have the potential to do it - it's Serena!
    4. Thanks Bootsy! And I forgot to mention-- your girl is beautiful. Love her faceup!
    5. Thanks Sylphide :)
      Does anyone else here have the new Dolkot Star girl body? Any additional feedback?
    6. Does anyone have any information on the Star Boy body?
    7. Thank you so much! I was actually thinking of getting this beauty. (The Bera no less! Her face is just flawless!) This really influenced my decision. Thank you ^^
    8. I have a dolkot Bera and a Dolkot Benni, and I can add some info to the thread with both male and female dolls in mind.

      My girl is the new body, witht eh new albino resin.....and I had a few disappointments

      Firstly the sculpt is beautiful but her breasts only look really good in clothes, Dolkot has a habit of making their dolls look like they are wearing permanent push up bras. On his side the peen is...well...yeah. If you want realism (some do, some don't, I am in the do camp) this little saussage does not make the grade

      Secondly the resin is lovely and dense with a good lustre, but it is rough! i have handled a lot of older Dolkot dolls and they were never like this, but both the NS and WS new resin has a rough touch, not a problem for mod mad people but if you are afraid of sanding and want a paper smooth baby be warned. It does come smooth with sanding though.

      Her hands are a little simplistic for my taste and this style of ankle, used by several companies, has a small issue with flexibility, it is hard to stand her in heels.

      Her posing is excellent overall but that chest joint takes a conscious effort to move, not a smooth slide like most of the other dolls I have, since it is held in place by a definite ridge in the sculpt. This gives the doll a very smooth appearance in the default position, but when you want flexion it takes a bit more effort than most.

      The elbows on both male and female dolls irritate the hell out of me. yes theya re double jointed, but the double joints take a little effort to make work, they want to act like single joints. Also there is very poor rotation in the elbow which can make the arm posing a little stiff, if you are used to Feeple, Dollmore or DoD this will be a little disconcerting to you, but it can be overcome with perserverence and suedeing.

      All this said I absolutely love both of the dolls I own, and would not swap them out for any others. I will however take a dremel to a few bits at times and make subtle improvements, such as hands, elbow movement, that sort of thing. I have also sanded them a bit, and wish i had done more. My girl is blushed and her nipples came out entirely too bright since there was too much tooth to grab the pastells