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Feedback fo Edelwenn

Mar 22, 2010

    1. Thank you for my feedback ^^

      I also have 100% positive feedback as Cassiel76 on eBay, and 100% positive feedback as Cassiel on Materiel Celeste
    2. I purchased a Mini Fee Elf Shiwoo from Edelwenn, and had a great and smooth transaction. PMs were prompt, and helpful, and friendly too! He was packaged well, with care, and arrived quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Edelwenn and highly recommend Edelwenn as a super seller :aheartbea

      Thank you Edelwenn!
    3. I bought a Juri 05 head from her, it was perfectly packed, communication was fine and I'm totally happy with everything. Thank you again~ ^_^
    4. I bought a Delf Shine from Edelwenn. We reached a reasonable negotiation, communication was excellent, and the doll shipped fast. Thank you, Edelwenn, for making the transaction easy and enjoyable. I would definitely do business again. :)
    5. I bought a MNF Mirwenn head from Edelwenn : she was perfectly wrapped, shipped very fast and communication was perfect ! Thank you very much !!
    6. I bought a ltf juri faceplate from Edelwenn and it has been a great transaction! she shipped quickly and the faceplate was inside two padded boxes for his safety ;) I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again
      thank you so much!
    7. I bought a FP60 Head.
      Really good transaction, shipped fast and save!! Thank so much!!
    8. I bought the soony head elf mnf, all perfect and fast shipping !!
      Thank you !
    9. Thank you so much, dear Emy, for your GREAT patiense with our transaction! Edelwenn offered long layaway and she waited patiently when we were in hard work situation.
      Edelvenn is A+++ seller. Incredible doll and great pleasure to participate this deal.
    10. Purchased a Halloween MNF head from this user. Wonderful smooth transaction, kept me updated the whole way. Very pleasant to deal with. Thank you again.
    11. I bought a F60 Elf Soony head from Edelwenn who did a good job of packing my head. The postal system destroyed the box, but my head was undamaged!
      I would not hesitate to buy from Edelwenn again. :)
    12. Edelwenn sold me a MNF Sarang 2015 head. She was very patient with all my question and reply very fast. :)Edelwenn put a lot of bubbles paper for protect the head. really nice!
      Thank you so much!!
    13. I purchased a Twigling head from Edelwenn in May of 2015. There was a brief delay in shipping, but the item was very well packed and arrived safely in good time. I am very pleased with my purchase and the communication. Thank you. :)
    14. I joined Edelwenn's Lacrima split for the SE head. Prompt and super friendly communication, confirmed payment, kept me updated on the order status, and sent my package quickly and securely packed. I couldn't be happier with this transaction and look forward to dealing with her again. Thank you!
    15. I recently purchased a Nanuri 2018 head from Edelwenn, she packaged the item beautifully and the shipping/communication was prompt. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. :) <3
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    16. I participated in @Edelwenn 's most current Fairyland split for Carol's head dress. Fast and friendly communication, confirmed payment and shipped my package out quickly and item was securely packaged. It has been another lovely transaction! Thanks so much!