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Feedback for 7Random7Dreamer7

May 2, 2012

    1. Hello!:)

      This is my feedback thread. Please specify I i bought or sold something to you. Thank you!

    2. I sold a DZ head to 7Random7Dreamer7
      She was the perfect buyer. All communication was perfect, fast and nice. She was kindly enough to let me know when it arrived! I highly recommend her as buyer
      thank you ))))
    3. 7Random7Dreamer7 bought me a Souldoll's Chiru head.
      Everything was perfect. She needs a layaway but all payments were send quickly. All communication was perfect too I really recommend her as a buyer.
      Thank you very much.
    4. 7Random7Dreamer7 purchased a leekeworld body from me via layaway. Transaction was perfect! Everything went faster than anticipated. Thank you so much again!
    5. 7Random7Dreamer7 bought a Napidoll head from me. We met up locally and the transaction was great. Thank you!
    6. I sold a wig to 7Random7Dream7. Perfectly smooth transaction throughout and very friendly to boot. Thank you!
    7. I sold a Limwha Sara to 7Random7Dream7! She paid me very quickly and in good order. great transaction! thanks!
    8. 7Random7Dreamer7 purchased a wig from me! She paid very promptly and her communication was great! She let me know just as soon as it arrived! I would happily do business with her again!
    9. Randomdreamer purchased a wig from me via money order. It was an all together pleasant transaction, the money order was recieved quickly and she let me know when the wig arrived!

      Thank you so much :)
    10. 7Random7Dreamer7 purchased an Iplehouse JID Asa from me. Great communication, just lovely to work with. Payments made not only on time, but early. I most heartily recommend her. Thanks much and enjoy!+!+
    11. She recently purchased a Souldoll Paolo full doll from me. She did a layaway, and fulfilled all prearranged agreements, whenever dates and payments needed changing or anything of the like, she kept up with great communication and was prompt in further fulfilling those as well. Overall, a great buyer and I would recommend her to anyone!
    12. 7Random7Dreamer7 purchased a wig from me- it was an overall excellent transaction.
      Prompt payment and PM responses! I would recommend 7Random7Dreamer7 to anyone and would be more than happy to do businesses with her again in the future.
    13. 7Random7Dreamer7 joined my recent Leeke order. Payments were quick, communication was pleasant, and it was a great transaction. Thank you so much! POSITIVE!
    14. 7Random7Dreamer7 bought a wig from me. She was very sweet and polite to work with. She also let me know as soon as the wig was home. I'd be happy to do business with her again. :)
    15. I commissioned a faceup from 7Random7Dreamer7 and couldn't be happier with it. Very sweet and friendly to work with. Thank you! (Thought I had done this, but it slipped my mind! Sorry, sweetie!)
    16. I commissioned two faceups from 7Random7Dreamer7 and she did a great job on them and changed things for me when I asked. She kept me up to date on everything and worked in a timely manner. I'm very happy with her work would commission her again! :)
    17. I bought a Limhwa Limho Mono from 7Random7Dreamer7, and I'm thrilled with the way everything took place! She was very gracious and gave me the layaway time I needed while I was on my honeymoon, and was super swift with arranging delivery - and even removed his faceup at no charge. All messages were answered quickly and were all pleasant, I won't forget such a great first buying experience on DoA! :)