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Feedback for 916MVK~

Sep 19, 2009

    1. I looked around for a feedback thread for 916MVK and didn't see one, so I decided to start one up.

      You can do your part by posting your feedback for any transaction you enter into with this member. That is, after all, what these feedback threads are for. ;)

      :pcake Thankies! :pcake


      916MVK participated in my ninth Dollmore group order and our transaction was a pleasantly smooth one. Communication from their end left nothing to be desired and payments were sent in timely fashion. I have no complaints.

      :bcake Thank you for participating in one of my group orders! :bcake
    2. Thank you very much for thread, Forbidden. I was asked about my feedback just now and find your politely service.
      So, DOA members, would you post my feedback here, please.