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Feedback for _Fox_

Jan 27, 2009

    1. Please, leave your comment here!
      Thank you! :D
    2. _Fox_ bought a discontinued Volks F-09 head from me. Payment was made promptly.
      Very patient dispite the disturbing shipping delay! I would recommend this buyer!
    3. _Fox_ bought a FCS body from me, payment was quick and communication was good!
    4. _Fox_ bought a Volks F-11 head from me. The transaction went beautifully! The communication was great and payment was super prompt. I highly recommend _Fox_ :)

    5. I am leaving a flake feedback for _Fox_. He had contacted me for a doll, at the same time there was another buyer who was interested and I had given _Fox_ priority to buy the doll and finish the transaction. He told me that he'll send payment but never did. Because his response was very slow (only 1 response per 2-3 days), this was such a drawn-out process that the other buyer had moved onto other priorities. I was not able to sell this doll and now I haven't heard back from _Fox_ about what happened to his payment.

      We had some exchange about overseas shipping rules. I highly recommend EMS for safety and speed but he was leaning towards opting for a less safe but cheaper option. To be honest I was uncomfortable about selling this doll to him because I cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged packaging if he is looking for a cheap shipping alternative.

      This transaction leaves a bad taste for me, and I wouldn't recommend him to other (especially international) sellers. I would decline selling this doll to him if he ever comes back to me.
    6. Don't worry, I don't want to have any kind of transaction with people who's trying to cheat me raising shipping costs ;)

    7. I sell old F 29 head to fox .Very Good trading experience .Very good buyer , Thankyou very much ^3^