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Feedback for A Starving Artist (astarvingartist)

Jun 29, 2009

    1. Hi, feedback for me ^^ *squees!*
    2. Astarningartist bought a pair of DZ boots from me. She paid promptly and was a pleasure to do business with. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

      Thanks for such a great transaction! ^-^
    3. Yami is a wonderful buyer, very patient and very understanding. She bought a top and a pair of trousers from me and I would recommend her to any one she paid very swiftly!
      Cant wait to do business with her again!
    4. Astarvingartist bought a pair of eyes from me. She was always quick to reply, paid promptly, and let me know right away when they had arrived. Would definitely sell to again! :)
    5. Astarvingartist bought some silver eyes from me :aheartbea Was generally very pleasant to deal with, quick with communication, and kept me updated on things and informed me when the eyes arrived ^_^

      Thanks again!
    6. Astarvingartist bought a wig from me, paid quickly and was very friendly. Super transaction and I would definately deal with her again :3
    7. Astarvingartist put an SD on layaway and informed me 10 days later when I PMed her that she needed to cancel due to tragic reasons. :daisy
    8. ASA purchased some eyes from me, and was very friendly and paid quickly. thanks for a great transaction!
    9. I traded some msd elastic for a wig, and everything went fine! ^__^ Thank you very much for the trade!
    10. Astarvingartist put my Bobobie Weylin head on layaway. Communication was great. There was a slight delay in one payment, but she got him paid off fairly quickly after that. She is great to work with and an absolute pleasure to talk to. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like him! <3
    11. ASA bought a CP Woory from me on layaway.
      The layaway went swimmingly and she is a pleasure to work with!
      Highly recommended buyer! Thanks DEAR!
    12. Astarningartist bought a WS pukisha from me. We worked out a payment plan and was excellent on letting me know when her next payment would be. She let me know when he arrived and the a little yellowing issue with his feet. Great to deal with. A++
    13. I bought a pair of glass eyes from Astarningartist.
      The transaction started quick and without problems, but I had to wait quite 2 months to receive my eyes. This because, as she told me, she had problems to send them out, for many reasons. I waited and finally they come.
      However I don't want to leave her a negative feedback because during all the transaction she always answered to my PM and she never desappeared and she offered me a refund for shipping fee. I think this is enought to feel free to live her a positive feedback.
    14. I sold a Dream Of Doll H. Ducan to Astarvingartist on layaway. She paid quickly, there was great communication with her, She was also very understanding with the few faults he had that I couldn't remove. Over all she was an amazing buyer! Highly recommended! =] Thanks again =]
    15. Another great deal with AstarvingArtist. Would deal with any time! Thank you!
    16. Neutral Feedback

      Starving is an awesome girl and good to work with. We started a trade end/mid last year and I sent off my half. She wasn't able to do her half and the transaction took very long to come to a close. She was unable to return my end of the trade, so instead offered to pay for someone else to do her end. I was fine with this, and she held through with her deal. Thank you starving. I hope if we have any future transactions that they won't be quite so bumpy. Communication was fine, and there were no problems with that. Just the length it took to finish the trade was the only real complaint I have. :)
    17. Neutral Feedback

      I bought a head from astarvingartist on 2/18. Communication was great, in the beginning, and she responded quickly to any PMs I sent. The head arrived just as described and with a free wig.
      After I paid, I was told he would ship that Saturday (2/20). I didn't hear anything from her, so on Wednesday (2/24) I asked if he had shipped, she told me he hadn't and that he would Saturday (2/27). She sent me a message the following Tuesday (3/2) saying that the postman did not pick up the head from the mailbox and that she would take the head to the post office Wednesday (3/3). This was the only time she ever contacted me saying whether the head shipped or not. That Saturday (3/6) I sent her a message asking if the head had shipped, she told me he hadn't. By then, it had been 16 days since I had paid for the head. I told her she had until Saturday (3/13) to ship or I wanted a refund. She sent me a message with a delivery confirmation number on Wednesday (3/10), 20 days after I had paid for him, a day shy of three weeks.
      While she did eventually ship the head, the overall transaction was frustrating (mainly the lack of shipping and all of the promises to ship). I would be extremely hesitant to work with her again.
    18. Did a Sale/trade with AStarvingArtist ^D^

      Am very pleased with how quickly Ducan arrived~ She allowed me a 4 month layaway on him and was very open about the dates i paid, which was fantastic for someone like me, who has a hectic paydate at work!

      Everything she promised came with him and i am very happy with this purchase ^D^ i would definately do business again!

      Also just to get this out too:

      Her postal office has destroyed/lost my trade items with her - Regardless she did not accuse me of anything and did not demand any money in place fo the items. I am happily making her a new set in compensation for her postal offices failure ^D^

      I hope she is very happy with this transaction as i am <3
    19. I commissioned her for a drawing. Though it took a long time, due to her moving and all, I am happy! She even refunded me for the second one as the first took so long. Thanks!
    20. astarvingartist bought a pair of sad, broken Luts boy hands from me! She was a delight to deal with and I would not hesitate to do business with her again! :)