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Feedback for Aangita @_@

May 24, 2008

    1. Hello!!!

      Since I have been buying alot of stuff I suppose I should have a feedback thread too!
      Please leave your feedback for all the transactions you've had with me!

      Also, to keep better track of things, can you put in the subject line can you put what item, items, or group order you are giving feedback for!
      Thank you very much and I look forward to working with you again!


      POSITIVE: -

      NEUTRAL : -
      NEGATIVE: -

      I did a face-up on her MNM head and it was a pleasure to work with her. She is a real sweetheart and I have fun talking to her ^_^ I hope to do more work for her someday.
    3. Joined in a group order, and I hope she joins again ^.^v

      definitely POSITIVE feedback
    4. Aangita bought a hoodie from us. Paid promptly, great communication and a pleasure to deal with. Awesome buyer! Thanks so much!!
    5. Positive feedback for Aangita! She joined my recent Dollmore group order. Payments were prompt and communication was great! Thanks :daisy
    6. Positive

      Ravenmoon participated in my Migidoll GO. Communication was great and payment was received quickly. And was very patient when things didn't ship as soon as we thought from the seller.
    7. I purchased a DIM Minimee Body from aangita and I am amazed at how quickly it arrived. She packaged him wonderfully, and even left a little note for me. Her communication was very professional and I am so happy with the product. Thank you aangita!
    8. Aangita commissioned a hoodie, jeans and a shirt from me. It was a brilliant and smooth transaction. She was very paitent throughout when my previous commission overran longer than I predicted.

      Ace buyer, polite and very nice to work with. Highly recommended.
    9. I did a Mana Minimee group order with aangita. Everything went very well even when I was the one throwing tantrums. She put up with me. I'd do another with her! :D

      Thank you so much!