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Feedback for Aatos

May 4, 2011

    1. Feedback here please!
    2. I bought a Supergem dress from Aatos. Conversation was very friendly, the dress was shipped fast and arrived here well packed. The quality is very good. Thank you!
    3. I bought Nephelin's head from Aatos - it was a perfect transaction, very fast and friendly. Aatos is really nice and talented - gave my boy a wonderful face up :) Thank you!
    4. I bought a Leekeworld Patrick head from Aatos. The transaction couldn't have gone better! Communication was excellent, and shipment was prompt soon after payment. He arrived very fast and well packaged. Aatos was polite, explained shipping costs to me, very friendly and was a joy to conduct business with. I would not hesitate to do business with Aatos again.

      Thank you for my boy!:)
    5. Bought some lovely clothes from Aatos. She was an awesome seller and our transaction went smoothly. Really happy with the clothes too :3 thanks so much!
    6. I bought some clothing from Aatos. She was awesome, and kept up great communication. I would be glad to do business with her again. :)
    7. I bought a pair of soom jointed hands from Aatos they were shipped super fast, she was lovely too. A great transaction and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from or to recommend her to other people n_n
    8. I bought Soom Chrom head from Aatos. Aatos was super polite and he replied fast to all my Private Messages. He split the head from the body - so we had to do some negotiations about his price. The price negotiation was really painless, fast and easy for both of us : ).
      He shipped extremely fast - the next business day!

      Thank you again so much! I'd strongly recommend him to everyone : )

    9. I bought a pair of Chrom hooves (and legs) from Aatos. Excellent transaction all around: prompt and pleasant communication, and quick shipment once the layaway was done. The hooves arrived in perfect condition (other than what I already knew about from the listing), and were very carefully packed.

      I would definitely recommend Aatos.
    10. I am going to have to mention this to warn others: I was the first person to inquire about her Idealian72 Hyperon. I was serious about buying him. The price was $950 for the doll plus shipping, and layaway was an option. We had discussed layaway and she wanted two payments and I agreed and then she PM'd me to tell me that someone else had come in and offered her $1000 plus shipping etc and agreed to pay all at one time. She was then going to put the doll on auction starting with that $1000 and said I could participate.

      I feel that this is totally unethical - I was first to inquire, and had agreed to her terms of short layaway (two payments) and had she given me the chance I would have given the extra $50 for the doll and could have done immediate payment and the doll would have been mine, but I was not given the chance. I want everyone to know about this in case it should happen to anyone else.
    11. I have to fix some points about Tangiers post, even though I understand why she's mad. She didn't actually have time to agree for paying the doll in two parts yet, because I send her a new message considering the sale before she has even read the message about the layaway.

      She wasn't keen on paying the doll in full and the other message I got about the doll said she'd pay the whole amount in full, and I think it's not that strange for people to want to sell the doll for someone who offers to pay the amount at once.

      I think it's fairer for everyone that I put it on auction, so everyone can get the same chance to buy him, not just those that happen to be at the computer at the right time.
    12. Not true. It was acknowledged that I was first. The sane thing to have done here was take the doll off of MP for a while and re-list as auction. That would have been fair and started the entire thing over. I had first dibs and would be very leery of someone who changed their mind when there was a serious buyer who came first.
    13. Tangier I told you in the second PM that I had another PM about the doll and I had to think about who can pay the fastest. When you asked about doing the payment in two parts, you said "tell me what you need" and you didn't even get the see my reply on the subject before I had sent you another message saying that I was going to chance it to auction. To say that you HAD agreed to pay it in two parts is kind of a lie, since both parties didn't properly agree to it.
    14. Aatos have purchased an Supia zion head from me.
      Payment was fast and prompt and great communication.
      Thanks ;___;
    15. I bought a doll head from Aatos, who is a very great seller! Aatos is friendly, helpful and shipped the package very fast.
    16. This is a delayed feedback for a Soom Heliot/Nephlin hybrid I bought from Aatos, the transaction went smoothly. I was even able to purchase a beautiful outfit for the girl at the same time. The doll arrived in perfect condition. I couldn't have been happier.