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Feedback for Abbychan!

Jul 25, 2007

    1. Lucky me! I get to start another feedback thread!

      This time for Abbychan, who just sold me a minifee Ruth head (I was DYING for one!!). And because she lives under an hour from me it was instant gratification time, as I received him literally overnight.

      Hard to beat that, says I!

      Lovely to work with. Recommended!
    2. Sold me a mnf shiwoo head. Good seller head came fast. two thumbs up.
    3. ^^ Abbychan sold me a super wicked FMA modded body for a mnf!!!!
      he got here safe and sound and very well packaged!! :D THANK YOU!!!!!! <3
      I recomend her !!
    4. She sold me Ipsae the shipping is fast and I couldn't be more happier to bring another Ipsae in my home :) Thank you Abbychan~~~
    5. Abbychan just bought a head I had for sale.
      She was in steady contact and paid when she said she would. I'd easily do business with her again ^ _ ^
    6. Had to track down her feedback thread!

      Bought clothing from Abbychan, lovely items and a very smooth, fast, pleasant transaction!
    7. Got some great sombreros for my boys from Abbychan. Smooth transaction! I would definitely buy again!

    8. I adopted Abbychan's B&G Sky~

      She was SUPER nice through the entire process; she was awesome and willing to put him on layaway for me until I got my paycheck. She answered the ton of questions I had, and put up with me checking in kind of obsessively about things. ^^; Very patient and super nice person to do business with!

      Sky himself arrived in exactly the condition specified. He was well-packaged and shipped quickly.

      Thanks so much for such an awesome transaction! I highly recommend Abbychan as a seller. *^^*
    9. Smooth transaction. Bought a juri 06 from her with extras. Shipped quickly!
    10. Bought a modded Delf Shiwoo from her; she was very patient with the time it took me to be prepared to pay, and warned me of times when she'd be away and unable to respond to messages. He arrived well packed, and the condition was well represented in the sales thread. Overall good transaction!
    11. Modifying previous feedback to "moderately good," as during restringing of the doll, I discovered the doll was overall very dirty, with undisclosed uneven yellowing and staining that I am working to repair. The experience itself was good, however, the condition of the doll was ultimately not well represented.