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Feedback for abdiel

Jan 27, 2007

    1. This is a feedback thread for abdiel, please leave a message here~^_^
    2. +Buyer+
      dolldreams (Miyu head)
      squeekiekitty (Juri2005 head)
      Cynthia in FlintHills (fur wig)
      BlackCat (KD Cherry)
      Knight-d (VDES)
      37564 (red wig)
      ^kalcia^ (Liz Spring stroll Version head+body)
      carlachan (YOSD SHINN)
      momiji80 (YOSD dress + shoes)
      fishcake (JURI06 head)
      TheFontBandit (DELF girl's hands)
      Pinkpoogleh (CP harang head)

      ria_ria (KIPS)
    3. I bought a head from abdiel and the transaction went wonderfully! She was very good at communication both before and after the actual purchase. She shipped the head as soon as payment was recieved, and it was wonderfully packaged. I would definately buy from this seller again! ^_^
    4. I bought a fur wig from abdiel, and it was a great transaction! I'm *very* happy with the quality of the wig; abdiel was pleasant to communicate with via PM and quick to ship the wig. :daisy
    5. I bought a CP Cherry from Abdiel. The transaction was completed, we had a good communication and the package arrived very well packed. Abdiel is a saler to recommend. :)
    6. I bought a Doll from Abdiel that arrived Very Fast to an overseas buyer and had the Best packing Ever. Communication was always Great. I would Love to do buisness with Abdiel again. She is a Magnificent seller.
    7. I bought Liz spring stroll ver from Abdiel. Everything was smooth, good communication, very nice person ^^ My girl arrived well packed in perfect condition ^^
    8. I bought my Yo-SD Shinn from abdiel and it was a great transaction!!! She's so nice and it would be great to do bussines with her again *^.^*
    9. bought a set of yo-sd clothes and shoes. very quick shipping! thanks so much!
    10. abdiel really is a nice person.

      I'm terribly sorry that your item (KIPS) was lost in China...since then I never did use normal airmail. (EMS or Registered Airmail only now)
      I still feel sorry for you. But you were truely nice from first to end. I also definitely want to deal with you again.

      Please let me know whenever you need my help.

    11. I bought a pair of hands from abdiel. Shipping was prompt, and PMs were friendly! ^_^ They arrived well-packaged and in gorgeous condition. I'd definitely do business again!
    12. I bought a Juri 2006 head from Abdiel, and she shipped right away--she packed the head in *many* layers of protection and it is good she did--the package came crushed on one side but the head was fine, even the ears, except for a tiny crack behind both ears, probably from the force that was on the front of the package. I was really expecting that the head would be in tiny pieces-- so I was so happy to find the damage so minor I can sand it out! Thank you so much, and for all the good PM's too!
      *Important edit--I have seen the "cracks" on other Juri heads and it seems to be a manufacturing artifact, not even a shipping result, so I am even more impressed with Abdiel's packing skills!
    13. I jut received my CP harang head that I bought from Abdiel. Needless to say, he came in wonderful condition and is perfectly safe. When she told me 10-15 days for shipping, I was growing anxious, but, he came right on the 10th day after she had dropped it off at the post office!

      I am so happy, this is my first doll too.
    14. Bought a SD dress from abdiel and it was a great transaction, no problems at all! Thank you so much! :)
    15. I bought a dress from abdiel. It was a great, worry free transaction!
      Thank you!
    16. abdiel wrote to me in response to a WTB I had posted for a Volks SD16 Johanna to stated that she had just won Iris and Johanna in the AE but was not interested in keeping Johanna. She offered the doll to me at a price several hundred dollars above what she would be paying for it. She then stated:
      NOTE: Nowhere in the three sentence PM she sent was there any indication that this offer had been made to anyone else.

      I sent her a response immediately to say that the price seemed a little high and I would have to discuss it with my partner. She logged on to DoA eight minutes after I sent this PM and presumably read it. I checked her feedback and even though she is on an offsite list of "known scalpers" she seemed to have reputable people vouching for her here on DoA. My partner and I thought about it on the way to work and decided we could afford it. I wrote to abdiel stating that I could pay immediately. It was Sunday 1:22am Japan time. I waited until 11:39am Japan time to write to her again and confirm that she had recieved my message. Three hours later abdiel replied with the following:

      I am extremely disappointed in her inconsiderate and flippant behavior and in the future I WILL NEVER TRANSACT WITH THIS PERSON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
    17. I bought a Rose Head form Abdiel.
      She was a good seller. Thanks!!
    18. I bought a Karon head from abdiel. It arrived much quicker than we both expected. abdiel was a dream to do business with. Thank you! <3
    19. Had a fairly positive transaction with abdiel! This is a fairly flexible user with good communication and selling skills. The sale of the head I bought was almost perfect, (the head was as exactly described, the price was well, and the head was shipped out in a timely manner) however the Breakaway Vampire was shipped in an inappropriate container (a padded envelope versus standard box and packing supplies). Luckily, there was no damage and everything turned out well! Overall, a very good tranasction, and I would not hesitate to buy from abdiel again!

      Thank you for my beautiful boy! Now my twins are together and awaiting customizations!

      Thanks, abdiel! :D A+ <3
    20. Bought some SD clothes from Abdiel! Transaction went smoothly and she shipped super fast! Thanks so much!!!