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Feedback for Abel

Aug 10, 2007

    1. Hello *^v^*

      Well, I made this thread mostly because I buy things and dolls from a lot of people here... and is always good to have a feedback thread so others can check your history.

      Thank you!
    2. I sold my Elf Ducan to Abel.
      So glad he'll have a great home now ^^ great buyer, swift payment and very friendly!
    3. Sold one of my outfits and Elf Ducan outfit to Abel who paid promptly and was very friendly. Excellent buyer with good communication. Thank you.
    4. dear Abel purchased two CP heads from me. she is so sweet to communicate. very fast payment and everything went perfect. i won't hesitate to deal with her again. thank you darling~:aheartbea
    5. Abel was in a split I ran, paid promptly and was very friendly. I would definately deal with her again :)
    6. Abel canceled a faced up limited Ryun head and wig in my 4D monthly G.O. However, communication was good, and she is welcome to join another order, as long as she fixes her Paypal issues first. Thank you!
    7. I had a wonderful transaction with Abel, she is super sweet and very honest; we had a little trouble with paypal being a pain but she kept me updated and informed throughout. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.

      Thank you hon, I know that Sard has an awesome home with you now!
    8. I just purchased an Iplehouse Dreaming Harin head from Abel. Wonderful communication, prompt shipping once the post office was actually open, and I'd be more than happy to do business with her again. A++
    9. Abel bought my MSD Schulze head. She paid promptly, had excellent communication, and was very friendly. I'm glad my boy will be well loved. :)
    10. Abel commissioned me for her adorable Yeon-Ho faceup ^^ everything was just super smooth!!! Abel gave me time and gave me time and very understandable *v* not only that, she also bought my handmade accessories and also always kept everything very update she let me know when the package arrived!

      Highly recommend Abel ^__^b!!! thank you so much for the perfect transactions!
    11. Abel bought a So-Nyeon-Gi Ryun head from me. She's very sweet and easy to deal with.
      She sent the payment very fast, recommended buyer! :fangirl:
    12. Abel commissioned me to give her LUTS Delf Lishe Special WS a new face-up and Abel is a totally lovely person. :)
      Fast, friendly, polite and clear communication with super smooth transaction! :D

      Highly Recommend Abel! :D
      Thank you so much!
    13. Abel purchased a Volks MSD body from me.
      She's been polite, patient and determined, making payments exactly as our schedule.
      This transaction went efficiently and smoothly, thank her a ton. ^^
    14. I sold an outfit to Abel. It really a very nice transaction. She is a great buyer. Communication and payment are good and fast.
      A+++++.... Thank you.
    15. Abel is truely a wonderfully buyer. She is friendly and super nice with great communication skills and prompt payments. Thank you for a smooth transaction. :) Hope to do business with again! :)
    16. I got the privilege of being Abel's first art commissioner, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Seriously gorgeous work and a much quicker turnaround time than I was expecting for something of that quality. <3 If I had more dolls, I'd commission her again in a heartbeat.
    17. i sold my miho head to abel and i must say it was GREAT GREAT transaction. thank you so much!!!!!! superb communication and fast payment. :aheartbea
    18. I purchased a CP type 2 boy body in WS from Abel and the whole transaction was wonderful! Abel let me do a layaway and communication was great the whole time. The body was shipped out and arrived quickly and was packaged extremely well! :aheartbea I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Abel again~ :)
    19. Abel was a participant in my fifth Luts group order and everything went wonderfully well! :D Swift payments and great communication, she was a pleasure to deal with and I can honestly say that I would love to do business with her again if presented with the chance to. This was a very smooth transaction and your participation in this order was much appreciated!!

      :clover Thank you for choosing to join one of my group orders! :D I hope that your experience was a pleasant one! :clover
    20. I commissioned a lineart picture of my boy Kizimir. It was amazing, she was good with communication, patient with me and nice throughout the entire process, and the picture was absolutely gorgeous, I will of course be coming back again for another picture!