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Feb 3, 2018

    1. Welcome to Abell's world !
      Hope to make every one here happy :)
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    2. I bought an Or-Doll head from Abell and had to shipped to the US. They shipped quickly and everything was nicely packed. There was also extra goodies from them. Excellent transaction.
      I would purchase from them again!
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    3. I bought an or-doll head and @Abell was very quick to respond to messages and shipped out very fast. Everything was packaged up well, I'd definitely buy from them again!
    4. I bought a lambskin wig from @Abell last week. It arrived very fast and is as beautiful as the photo. Would definitely do business with her again!
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    5. I have bought an Or doll head from @Abell and it was a great experience! Abell shipped it very neatly and package arrived quickly and safe. Great communication and will respond fast. I would buy or sell from Abell again. Positive experience! :3nodding: Thank You! A+
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    6. Abell bought shoes for Popovy dolls from me and it was a pleasant transaction. Communication was friendly and she sent the payment promptly. She also let me know when the shoes arrived, I would gladly do business with her again :)
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    7. I saw Abell's wtb for a custom house DOLLMASTER st.Demian and we agreed on a layaway plan. She made a $100 deposit then yesterday morning backed out because she her friend said she shouldn't have bought him then messaged back again asking for her $100 back so she can pay another bill for a different layaway.
      I unfortunately would not do any dealings with them again due to this flake behavior.
    8. Oh what a bad surprise to read that member comment!
      First of al, the transaction was on IG not on DOA, so this feedback should not be here.
      Now, after lots of postes between us two, always nice and friendly, i told him I will buy the doll by layaway, even though it was way over price. He did not ask me any money to start with, however i thought more secure to send him 100$,
      I told the DOA friend and IG friend about this transaction and she felt it was way too expensive.
      ONLY 12 hours after the deal, I wrote to him telling him i was sorry but will not be able to get his doll,
      He said ok, there was no negative or agressive comment from none of us,
      Then, as it was only a 12h deal, I asked him if i could have the 100$ back for me to pay an item i had bought, he refused giving lots of arguments, i did not comment, just said, ok, thanks.
      I am not sure it would be legal to show here shoot scream of the IG conversation, just to show there have been nothing wrong from my part. This man had nobody to buy his over price doll, so he did not miss any other clients, also i retracted my agreement only half a day later.
      By the end, he has 100$ more in his pocket for nothing at all and he comes here to give me a negative feedback while the transaction has been done on IG ?!!!
      Sad, really sad,
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