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Feedback For Abenstern

Jan 17, 2012

    1. I figured since I'm in two different swaps now, I'd better make one of these
    2. Abenstern was a participant in my first swap Hearts of Love Valentines Day Swap. She shipped on time, posted the pictures of the gifts she received on the swap gallery in a timely manner, and was quick to respond in PMs. She was an absolute dream to work with and I would recommend her to any future swaps and would welcome her in to mine again. Thank you Abenstern! <3
    3. Abenstern purchased a wig from me, and it was a perfectly smooth transaction. Communication was great & payment was right on time. Recommended buyer! Thank you! ^_^
    4. Abenstern participated in my Recycle Swap and shipped promptly, she was a pleasant to work with. :)
    5. Abenstern was in my Journey swap. Unfortunately I'm going to have to leave her some bad feedback... She was a little over two weeks late with shipping and never provided a tracking number even though it was required. When said package arrived, there was no tracking number to be found anywhere on the package and the cloak was poorly sewn, wrinkled, and stained with a purple marker.
    6. Abenstern was a participant in my Sock it to me Swap.

      I will try to state the facts of this faisco as best I can.

      She entered two dolls and so was required to provide two outfits for her partner. Her partner, thinking that Abenstern might not have dolls the same size as the ones she entered, offered her the option of making clothing for another size doll. Because of this I PM'd Abenstern and gave her an extra week to complete her outfits.

      Communication was very poor and it took multiple PM's to any replies from her.

      The deadline I gave her for shipping her gifts came and went without any PM's from her. I gave her an additional two weeks, after the extra week I already gave her, to complete her outfits and mail them. That deadline came and went without communication from her. I had to threaten her with flakey feedback to get a response. She stated that the outfits were done, but that she didn't have the funds to mail them and would have to wait until her payday to send them. That date came and went. In the end it took her nearly a month after the original deadline date to finally mail her gifts. Then she mailed them, not to her partner, but to a person who had been her partner in a previous swap.

      That person PM'd me and stated that the envelope arrived damaged and was not sealed properly and she wasn't sure if everything was there as there was no note included. The words 'Sock Swap' were written on the envelope. She gave me the name and address written on the package and I was able to track it to Abenstern. She very kindly said she would pay for postage to forward the contents to Abenstern's partner.
      The outfits that Abenstern made were of such poor quality that this person included a 'swap angel' outfit before sending the outfits to Abenstern's partner.

      When Abenstern's partner finally recieved her gifts she was also very dissatisfied with the quality. The garments were hand sown, which is fine if you are familiar with hand stitching, but Abenstern clearly is not. It is my understanding that on one garment the right side is sown to the wrong side, there are loose threads hanging from the garments and one piece has a hole in it. It appears that no time or effort were spent in the making of said clothing.

      I cannot recommend her and she will not be accepted into any of my future swaps.


    7. Correction: In the second pic, it's not a hole as I thought. It's the armhole. She was attempting to show the poor quality of the stitching.
    8. I bought a Dika-Doll Ruber Vampire head from Abenstern and the transaction went well. The package took a while due to scheduling but the head arrived unscratched, protected with bubble wrap and a face cover. I would do business with her again.